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Goat Cheese Tikki
Pan fried Irish goat’s cheese & potato cakes, roasted tomato Nepalese gorkha chutney.

Ananda Salad
Raw & cooked baby vegetables with pan-fried rice hopper, smoked guava & curry leaf drizzle.

Chaat Ki Rehdi
Green pea samosa, crispy okra, spinach & a puchka ( seasoned semolina puff)

Duck Tikka
Free-range Barbary duck breast sweet cinnamon, with passion fruit chutney & robata grilled figs.

Tandoori Guinea Fowl
Free-range guinea fowl supreme in kashmiri chili & carom seeds pomegranate, avocado raita with parmesan rubbed parsnip.

Malai Kebab
Tandoori Irish chicken supremes with saffron & cardamom apple jelly.

Pan seared Kilkee scallops with cauliflower puree, shallots & crispy capers

Kekda Balchao
Fresh Dingle bay crabmeat with onion, sweet chilly, Mumbai mango, a pickled mooli, crab meat ball & mint aioli.

Benarsi Jhinga
Jumbo prawns with spiced Jaipuri salt, lemon, chilly with mango & tamarind candy, & olive relish

Shammi Kebab
Pan seared hand pounded wicklow lamb cakes flavored with smoked cloves cardamom with strawberry & chilly chutney.

Ananda Kebab Tasting
A simple way to savour the Chefs selection of tandoori cooking

Rice & Breads

Plain Naan; Roti (whole wheat bread) ; Steamed Basmati Rice € 2.95

Flavoured Naans : Garlic onion & coriander ; chilli & cheese; peshawari (coconut, raisins & nuts) ; Keema ( spiced pounded lamb) € 3.95

Missie Roti (Griddled Bread for Coeliacs black gram & fennel ) wild mushroom Kulcha € 3.95

Bread Basket ( For Two )  € 6.50

Lime pulao ( Toasted lentils & curry leaf) /Wild Mushroom Pulao € 3.95

Pulao Rice  € 3.50

Our chefs have Coeliac & allergy specific dishes off & on the menu Please ask your server as dishes may contain traces of nuts & flour.


Tandoori Murgh
Corn fed Irish chicken on the bone marinated with Amritsari chilly, garlic & yoghurt. saffron pulao, & tikka masala sauce.
€ 23.00

Murgh Lazeez Korma
Free-range Irish chicken breast stuffed with courgette, peppers & smoked pistachio with sandalwood korma.
€ 23.50

Che Chennai Spiced Barbary Duck
Free Free-range Barbary duck glazed with tamarind, curry leaf cracked
Mum mustard seeds & sauté peas with madras gravy.
€ 23.50

Lobster Xec-Xec
Pan fried Howth lobster in a classic Goan style sauce, with chutney pulao.
€ 34.50

Achari Jhinga
Jumbo prawns with pickling spices, lentil kedgeree, potato papad & Moore curry.
€ 24.50

Lahsooni Macchi Nilgiri.
Tandoori Waterford Monkfish tail & kofta with turmeric & rock salt on a bed of coriander, fresh fenugreek & cress sauce, with tomato rice.
€ 26.00

Chutney Waali Macchi
Pan fried sea bass fillet brushed with a raw mango, coriander & chilly marinade on roasted vine tomato & smoked garlic shoots.
€ 24.50

Nalli Ki Kaliyan
Slow cooked Wicklow lamb shank braised in a Kashmiri chilli & screw pine extract finished with spiced Himalayan salt.
€ 24.00

Rogani Chops
Wicklow lamb rack marinated with almond & mint pesto from Robata grill, chickpea & chard & a pomegranate emulsion.
€ 24.50

Pork Vindaloo
Por 18 hour marinated Fermanagh rare breed black pork chop with vindaloo masala & coastal red rice.
€ 21.50

Bhatti Ka Khargosh
Wild Irish rabbit tikka steeped in brown onion & dry spice rub with butternut squash risotto & plum chutney
€ 25.00

Subzi Khubaani Kofta (V)
Seasonal Organic vegetable dumplings with apricot, thyme infused safed makhani sauce, & cashew butter.
€ 16.50

Hyderabadi Baingan
Organic aubergine steak stuffed with peppers, raisins, cashew nuts, & peanut, roasted onion & coconut sauce.
€ 17.00

Paneer Tikka masala
Pastry parcel with cottage cheese, tossed with coriander & chilly on a bed of sautéed scallions & goji berry tikka masala sauce
€ 17.00

Our chefs have Coeliac & allergy specific dishes off & on the menu Please ask your server as dishes may contain traces of nuts & flour.


Ananda Masahari Thaali ( Meat & Seafood )
Thaali is a perfect way of savouring a complete Indian meal.
Selection of meats, Seafood & potato dishes with kebab rice & bread
€ 30.00

Ananda Shakahari Thaali ( Vegetarian)
Thaali is a perfect way of savouring a complete Indian meal
greens, potatoes & lentils vegetable dishes with kebab, rice & bread
€ 27.00

Lagan Ki Biryani
A Hyderabadi specialty of perfumed basmati rice & lamb with saffron, mint & onions with a raita & curry
€ 22.00

Manglorean Seafood Curry
Tiger Prawns & fresh fish cooked in coastal spices masala finished with palm vinegar, jaggery & cinnamon
€ 24.50

Murgh Makhanwala
Old Delhi style Irish chicken with tomatoes, honey, cream & fenugreek.
€ 20.50

Keema Khumb Mattar
Hand pounded Wicklow lamb mince braised with whole spices, green peas, wild mushrooms & baby spinach
€ 20.50

Saag Murgh
Free-range Irish chicken breast with fresh spinach & greens finished with mango powder & tomatoes
€ 20.00

Kashmiri Rogan Josh
Wicklow lamb with mace & ginger infused red onion sauce & spiced shallots


Aam Waali Bhindi (V)
Okra tossed with cumin, raw mango powder and cherry tomatoes

Lahsooni Patta(V)
Spinach & mustard greens with buttered garlic & fenugreek

Tadka Asparagus
Sautéed asparagus tempered with cumin & curry leaf

Aloo Hara Pyaz (V)
Baby potatoes tempered with cumin & fresh spring onion a lime drizzling

Ghar Ki Daal
Lentils of the day

Benarasi Channa (V)
Chickpeas with carom, tomatoes & fresh coriander

Raita yoghurt relish with cucumber toasted cumin

Our chefs have Coeliac & allergy specific dishes off & on the menu Please ask your server as dishes may contain traces of nuts & flour.