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Chowki aloo tikki
Pan fried potato cakes with tempered black gram, raw mango powder.

Tandoori portebello
belcarra portebello Mushroom in fenugreek yoghurt ,Pickled baby beets , ardsallagh Goats Cheese & A warm asparagus salad.

Baingan Bahaar
Bengali Grilled Aubergine steak with mustard yoghurt & baby cress.

Murgh Zafrani Kebab
Free range Irish Chicken supreme’s in cream cheese & saffron marinade with tempered beetroot yoghurt

Hari Titari
Free range fillet of Antrim guinea fowl in coriander, kafir lime marinade with duck fat chips, sweet Pomegranate yoghurt.

Duck Tikka
Free Range Barbary duck breast with pickling spices, passion fruit dressing & grilled figs

Samundari Ratan
Irish pan Seared toasted five spice dusted scallops on cumin & coconut tempered cauliflower Kachri

Kali Mirch Ka Jhinga
Black pepper & yoghurt marinated grilled jumbo prawns with avocado & red onion salsa

Tawe Ki Sea Bass
Pan fried Irish Line caught Sea bass fillet with curry leaf, chilli paste, potato mash & pea fondue

Lamb Shammi Kebab
Hand pounded lamb Smoked with Cinnamon & Cloves Lentil cakes with chutney & star fruit.

Jaipur Kebab Combination
Assortment of fish, prawn, chicken & lamb Kebab. A perfect sampler


Murgh Makhani
Old Delhi Classic style chicken with tomatoes cream & fenugreek.

Firdausi Murgh
Rose petal & pistachio Stuffed, free-range chicken fillet with lavender Korma

Tandoori Murgh
Free range chicken in kashmiri chilli paste, garlic & yoghurt charred in tandoor with Masala rice & sauce

Kadhai Jhinga
Tiger prawns tossed with purple garlic and butter served with a sundried mango Carom & tomato sauce

Goan seafood curry
Tiger Prawns crab claws & fresh fish cooked in coastal spices masala finished with palm vinegar, jaggery & cinnamon

Lahsooni Machhi
Monkfish tails with turmeric & rock salt cooked with coriander & fenugreek

Shorshe Machhi
crusted Line caught sea bass with a traditional Calcutta shorshe sauce shrimp pickle.

Moti Haari Murgh
Free range Irish chicken in a creamy spinach sauce with roasted purple garlic & caramelized butternut squash

Duck Chettinad
Free range Barbary duck breast with southern spiced coconut and tamarind marinade , Onion & potato fritter

Nilgiri Lamb Chops
Grilled Spring lamb chops with rocket & Ardsallagh goat cheese salad on a bed of mint pesto.

Rajastahni Handi
Hand pounded organic Wicklow lamb mince spiced with Rajasthan spices layered with three bean stew and potato gratin.

Laal Maas
Slow braised Wicklow lamb in red chilli paste with yoghurt
brown onion seeds & cloves. A classic Spicy Mewari dish.

Nalli Ki Kaliyan
Slow cooked Wicklow lamb shank with aromatic spices & screw pine extract.

Gosht ka korma Wicklow lamb cooked with poppy seeds, yoghurt, almonds, & onions Tempered with curry leaf and star aniseed.

Pardah biryani
Perfumed Basmati rice with saffron, mint & fried onion. Choice of meat (Lamb/chicken). Seafood Supplement € 2

Panchratan Kofte
Medley of five seasonal vegetable dumplings with nuts, cottage cheese, Raisin in creamy Awadhi tomato sauce.

Aam Wala Paneer Stuffed cottage cheese with a sweet n sour mango sauce with toasted nigella seeds

Subz Miloni
Stir fried seasonal vegetables with, cumin & basil tempering

Channa Amritsari
Chickpeas braised in fenugreek, fennel, tamarind & fresh Ginger


Bhindi Masala

Stir fried okra with onions, ginger, green chilly & tomatoes

Tadka Daal
Yellow lentils with garlic & cumin tempering

Punjabi Saag
Freshly cooked spinach tempered with elephant garlic and coriander

Aloo Hara Pyaz
Cumin tossed potatoes with tomato & spring onion

Channa Amritsari
Chickpeas braised with fenugreek, fennel, tamarind & coriander

Basmati Rice ---- Steamed. €2.25

Pulao Rice €2.95

Masala Bhaath Aged rice with tempered spices & smoked butter €3.50

Lemon Rice / Mushroom Pulao €3.25

Bread Basket ( for two) Selection of four types of breads €5.25

Keema Naan / Peshawari Naan / Cheese & Chilli/ Coriander, Garlic & Onion €3.25

Raita Cucumber, tomato & onion €2.00