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“A Cellar Full of Surprises”

The Hotel’s Cellars provide a dark and still resting place for lots of wine treasures, many which are difficult to find elsewhere and which can only be bought in limited quantities. The half bottle & large bottle selection are at the back of our list.

Most of the Wines in the 2006 collection are directly imported * from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Alsace and Languedoc - Roussillon, which offers both quality & value. All the producers are visited and each wine carefully tasted with the help of my Brother-in-Law, Paul Avril, wine grower in Chateauneuf-du-Pape. We have also imported a selection of excellent Italian Estate & South African Wines, all of which are well worth trying.

The Wines are chosen to deliver a good blend of quality, at excellent prices. Spending is no guarantee of quality, careful tasting, however is.

Go n’olfaidh tu do shath.

* Directly imported by Kelly’s Resort Hotel
 Organic and bio-dynamic wines




POUILLY FUISSE “Les Crays” 2003 €36.00
Andre Forest

Andre produces an excellent Pouilly Fuissse from this
8 acre estate. The wines, made from the Chardonnay
grape, are matured in small oak casks and bottled
after one year. There is very little filtration for fear
of removing the flavour and character of the wine.

His 2003 vintage has great concentration with buttery
fruit and nutty scent. Forest’s wines are found in the most restaurants of Paris.



CHATEAUNEUF “Clos des Papes” 2003 €58.00
Paul Avril

Paul and his son Vincent are one of the last to harvest,
always seeking the extra ripeness that give the wine flesh and
rich fruit. This excellent Chateauneuf was awarded the
maximum five stars by Robert Parker.
It is a very rich, fat flavoured, full-bodied wine with a
high berry scented bouquet

Chateauneuf de Pape is unique in that it may be made from
13 different grape varieties, giving it a complexity seldom
matched by other wines. In “Clos de Papes” they use 70%
Grenache, 20% Mourdvedre and 8% Syrah and the rest Vacarese and Muscardin.
The vinification is totally classic, with little or no filtration.

Avril’s Chateauneuf is one of the finest and longest lived of the appellation..


Kelly’s selection Red, White and Rose are “Appellation Controlee” wines from the Rhone Valley and Burgundy, and were specially labelled and bottled for Kelly’s. The label was commissioned and painted by artist William Crozier. We also include special Table Wines from Chateauneuf area “Le Petit Vin d’Avril” and a dry white Chardonnay from Burgundy.


Bin Vintage Price €

*1 COTES DU RHONE 2005 20.00
“Caves de Chusclan”
A dry fruity wine, excellent with white
meat and fish.

*3 MACON VILLAGE - Vielles Vignes 2004 23.00
“Cave des Vignerons de Mancey”
This wine is made from a special selection of old
vines. Wonderful concentration of fruit, yet dry on
the palate.

*11 PETIT VIN D’AVRIL - Marsanne N.V. 22.00
Paul Avril
A beautiful Marsanne wine, with young fruit aromas
and balanced acidity, from the 2004 vintage. V.D.T.


“Caves de Chusclan”
Light-bodied red, with a very pleasant
bouquet. Excellent with red meats and game.

Paul Avril
A well balanced, full-bodied red wine
produced by the Avril family, from the area
surrounding Chateauneuf-du-Pape. A blend of the last
four vintages of their house wine. V.D.T.


*8 COTES DU-RHONE ROSE 2005 21.00
“Caves de Chusclan”
A very attractive candy-pink colour with a
delicate pleasing nose. An excellent light
lunch wine.

A special selection of wines in Half Bottles & Large Bottles is listed at
the back of our Wine List.

Inclusive of excise duty & VAT
10% service charge is added to all accounts in lieu of Gratuities.
*Specially imported by Kelly’s Resort Hotel.



Bin Vintage Price €

“Blanc de Blancs” (Brut)
An excellent “Cremant”, winner of Bronze
medal in Concours General de Paris.

ROSE (Brut)
Andre Delorme
Less dry than the “Blanc de Blanc”. Awarded
Silver medal in Concours General de Paris.


“No celebration can be complete without those salvoes of corks, those spurts of froth, those luminous bubbles in the glass and that intoxicating smell of spring time which marks the libations of the King of the Wine”.

25 GOSSET - Brut Excellence N.V. 56.00
The oldest Wine House in Champagne, rated
among the top eight Champagne Houses
by Robert Parker.

27 GOSSET - Brut Grande Reserve N.V 65.00
A fresh, delicate and fruity champagne with balance,
elegance and intensity, making it the perfect celebratory

22 GOSSET - Brut Grand Millesime 1989 85.00
A magnificent vintage Champagne, richly flavoured,
complex and mature with a delicious toasty,
biscuit character.

30 DOM PERIGNON 1996 160.00
Without doubt the most renowned of
all champagnes, immense complexity
and refinement.

White Burgundy is rated as the finest dry white wine grown anywhere in the world. The least among white Burgundies is fresh and fair, refreshing and enticing, the greatest is rich and sappy, dry without exception,
but fat with flavour.


Bin Vintage Price €

*31 CHABLIS 2004 33.00
Louis Michel et Fils
A very renowned wine grower in Chablis. His
Chablis is dry, well rounded, with expressive aromas,
no oak is used to keep fruit & freshness.

*33 CHABLIS “Montee de Tonnerre” 1er Cru 2002 37.00
Louis Michel et Fils
Differs from the Chablis Village by its more
complex and persistent flavour and bouquet.
Much rounder than the recent vintages.

*34 CHABLIS GRENOUILLES Grand Cru 2002 55.00
Louis Michel et Fils
An excellent Grand Cru, rich, fat
flavoured, of great concentration.


*29 BOURGOGNE ALIGOTE 2003 24.00
Pierre Morey
A wine from old vines in the Meursault commune,
not very typical of an Aligote. More powerful
with a balanced acidity.

*40 BOURGOGNE ALIGOTE 2004 25.00
Domaine Ramonet
Recognised as one of the best wine growers
in Burgundy, with five stars in the Parker
Guide. This Aligote is an excellent example
of the quality of their work.

*41 BOURGOGNE “Chardonnay” 2003 26.00
Domaine Dubreuil-Fontaine
A flattering Chardonnay from the Cotes-de-Beaune.
Floral aromas with clean fresh flavours and oak finish.

*42 BOURGOGNE “Chardonnay” 2002 30.00
Pierre Morey
An excellent rich, smooth wine with honey
and oak aromas, from the Meursault area.
Produces this wine organically.

*14 COTE DE BEAUNE “Les Pierre Blanc” 2003 32.00
Domaine de la Vougeraie
A fantastic new domaine. Wines are organically
produced by Pascal Marchand & his team. Wonderful
balance and fruit, with lightly oaked flavours.

*58 ST. ROMAIN 2003 32.00
Alain Gras
Situated near Meursault, this excellent St. Romain has a
powerful nose of peaches and apricot, beautifully balanced.
Alain is one of St. Romain’s most renowned producers.

*69 MARSANNAY 2004 32.00
Jean-Louis Trapet
Jean-Louis now works totally organically, with
enormous attention to detail. This wonderful Marsannay
has a perfect balance between fruit and acidity.

*43 AUXEY-DURESSES 2003 36.00
Comte Armand
Situated west of Meursault, this dry white
has a wonderful exotic fruity aroma. It is the
3rd year that the famous Comte Armand Estate
has produced this wine.

*45 PERNAND-VERGELESSES “Clos Berthet” 1er Cru 2002 37.00
Domaine Dubreuil-Fontaine
The Dubreuil Family have a “Monopoly” on this dry
balanced and aromatic wine. Situated opposite the
famous Corton Charlemagne, drinking well now.
Recently promoted to 1er Cru status.

*16 BEAUNE BLANC 2001 38.00
Domaine de la Vougeraie
From the heart of Beaune, a more powerful and
structured wine than the Cotes de Beaune, yet round
& subtle. Uses oak casks for vinification.

*60 ST. AUBIN “Les Charmois” 1er Cru 2004 38.00
Domaine Ramonet
Bordering on Puligny and Chassagne, this fresh
wine offers superb depth and fruitiness, lightly oaked.
It shows why the Ramonet family are recognised as the
top white wine makers in Burgundy.

Domaine Ramonet
A much sought-after wine. Palate full and rich with lemon
undertones, powerful with good acidity. This family produces
some of the world’s greatest bottles of Chardonnay.

Louis Carillon et Fils
Three generations of the renowned Carillon Family
work together on this very distinctive, powerful wine,
more delicate than Meursault. The 2000 is a powerful
vintage to be enjoyed young or put down for years.

*48 MEURSAULT “Les Tessons” 1999 59.00
Pierre Morey
Pierre Morey is also wine maker for the renowned
Domaine Leflaive. This is an outstanding powerful
Meursault with length and depth.

*55 MEURSAULT “Charmes” 1er Cru 1999 75.00
Morey Blanc
As described by Robert Parker, this wine emphasises power, muscle,
great depth and concentration, typical of this excellent wine maker.
Drinking very well now!

*18 BEAUNE “Sur les Greves” 1er Cru 2002 75.00
Domaine Germain
Could be classified in the Grand Cru’s of Burgundy,
outstanding Terroir. Benoit’s 2002 is sublime, packed
with concentration and fruit.

*36 CHASSAGNE MONTRACHET “Les Caillerets” 1er Cru 1999 75.00
Noel & Jean-Claude have a book of press clippings as big
as Hollywood superstars. This ’99 vintage, powerful, balanced
and complex shows you why!

*39 PULIGNY-MONTRACHET “Les Champs Canet” 1er Cru 2000 78.00
Louis Carillon et Fils
A rich, powerful and complex flavoured wine with perfect balance.
Jacque who produced this excellent wine, was nominated young
wine grower of Burgundy in 1994. The most up-front of the
Puligny 1er Cru.

*15 CHASSAGNE-MONTRACHET “Les Vergers” 1er Cru 2000 79.00
Domaine Ramonet
Another fantastic wine from the Ramonet family. Well
rounded with a beautiful honey aroma. This 1er Cru is
beginning to open up now, but still very young.

*44 CORTON-CHARLEMAGNE Grand Cru 2001 85.00
Domaine Dubreuil-Fontaine
One of the most famous white wines in the world,
charged with flavour, yet very refined. Rated in the Wine
Spectator as one of the world’s top white wines: 93 points.

*63 VOUGEOT BLANC 1er Cru 2002 89.00
Domaine de la Vougeraie
A wonderful fresh and mineral wine yet very
powerful. Vinified organically by excellent
young wine grower Pascal Marchand. This white
is exclusive to this Domaine.

Louis Carillon
This is the smallest vineyard of the Grand Cru’s. A brilliant
wine with compelling richness and honeyed complexity. Still
very young.

*57 LE MONTRACHET Grand Cru 1999 340.00
Domaine Ramonet
Undoubtedly, the world’s greatest white wine. An incredible
blend of spice, smoke, honey and ripeness. One feels one is
tasting the essences of precious minerals. Still too young
to appreciate its full potential.


*64 ST. VERAN “Cuvee Terroir” 2004 24.00
Macon Davaye
Situated right beside Pouille Fuisse, Veran
has the lovely nutty characteristics of its
neighbour, but lighter in style.

*75 MONTAGNY “Chateau de la Saule” 1er Cru 2004 30.00
Roy Thevenin
This is a special Cuvee from Mr. Thevenin. Light,
fragrant with good acidity & superb freshness.
Apricot fruit on the nose.

*72 RULLY “La Pucelle” 1er Cru 2004 32.00
Pierre Jacqueson
An outstanding grower in Rully, producing
dry whites to compare with the best in Beaune.
Lovely fruit and balanced acidity.

*70 RULLY “Meix Caillet” 1er Cru 2003 33.00
Eric de Suremain
One of the best white wines from the Cote
Chalonnaise. Outstandingly rich with lovely
peach and apricot aromas. Made by bio-dynamic
methods. More full bodied style than Jacqueson.

*77 MACON “Gillet Quintaine” (Vire) 2001 35.00
Jean Thevenet
Recognised as one of the finest wines of the
Macon region. Very stylish, medium dry wine
with great concentration of flavour due to low
yields and late harvest.

*81 POUILLY FUISSE “Les Crays” 2003 36.00
Andre Forest
A clean wine full of pure Chardonnay fruit, backed up
with subtle, almost imperceptible, vanilla oak & typical
nutty flavours.

*80 MACON “Bongran Quintaine” (Clesse) 2000 39.00
Jean Thevenet
Famous for fine wines for 300 years. This
vineyard produces only small quantities of
this remarkably elegant, aromatic and golden
wine. Grapes picked at optimum ripeness.

Burgundy is synonymous with French Wine at its greatest. The great red Burgundies in great vintages are famous for their big-bodied richness. The rest of Burgundy make smooth, savoury, balanced and beguiling wines like nowhere else on earth.


Bin Vintage Price €

*98 BOURGOGNE 2003 29.00
Emmanuel Rouget
A nice fruity medium bodied wine from the pinot noir
grape. Excellent balance and style from a great wine
maker, the nephew of Henri Jayer.

*122 MOREY-SAINT-DENIS 2001 37.00
Domaine Forey
A young elegant wine situated between Chambolle - Musigny
and Gevrey - Chambertin. Soft and smooth on the palate, with
lovely pinot noir cherry fruitness.

*88 GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN 2000 49.00
Armand Rousseau
A historic estate in the heart of Gevrey. His wines
combine fruit and lots of elegance. Perfect for drinking now!

*92 VOSNE-ROMANEE 2001 59.00
Emmanuel Rouget
A superb wine with a style identical to that of his uncle and teacher,
the renowned Henri Jayer. Rouget’s wines are very sought after.

*68 GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN 2002 64.00
Domaine Denis Mortet
A star of Gevrey Chambertin. A very attractive wine, fruity and
round with a lovely berry-scented bouquet and great depth.
His greatest ever vintage.

*101 GEVREY CHAMBERTIN “Combe de Dessus” 2002 72.00
Domaine Denis Mortet
A wonderfully dense wine with ripe berry fruit yet elegance,
has to be one of the Mortets greatest vintages. Rated among the
top red growers in the world by wine spectator.

*85 CLOS VOUGEOT Grand Cru 2003 95.00
Domaine Forey
A seductive wine, nearly creamy on the palate!
Very ripe fruit with wonderful elegance & power.

*91 RUCHOTTES CHAMBERTIN Grand Cru 1999 89.00
Armand Rousseau
Made with vines over 50 years old. Rousseau’s Ruchotte possesses
a rich dark berry nose with spice. A delicious complex & velvety wine.

*90 CHAMBERTIN Grand Cru 2000 135.00
Armand Rousseau
The King of French wines with an abundance of red
and black fruits from one of Burgundy’s most famous growers.

*94 ECHEZEAUX Grand Cru 2000 135.00
Emmanuel Rouget
Located just above the famous “Clos de Vougeot”.
This is a much sought after wine of great colour,
power and intensity of flavour.


*103 BOURGOGNE “Chapelle Notre Dame” 2002 25.00
Dubreuil Fontaine
From a long-established family estate. This “Pinot Noir” is fresh with
red fruit and soft on the palate .Vines are situated beside Savigny.

*115 BOURGOGNE “Chateau Germain” 2002 27.00
Domaine Germain
The vines are located in the north of the Cote de Beaune, more
concentrated and full-bodied than “Chapelle Notre Dame”above.

*104 ST. AUBIN “Les Pitangerets” 1er Cru 2002 29.00
Louis Carillon et Fils
Superb example of a Cotes de Beaune. The vines are situated
in St. Aubin 1er Cru beside Volnay, giving a well rounded, full-bodied
red. I sold this wine for many years as Cote de Beaune Village.

*110 ST. ROMAIN 2003 29.00
Alain Gras
A lovely medium-bodied wine with a fruity elegance and fresh
flavoured. Alain is one of St. Romain’s most renowned producers. He was
nominated “2004 Wine Grower of the Year” by the Sommelliers Guide.

Domaine Germain
A beautifully balanced red with typical Burgundy cherry
fruit aromas. Benoit Germaine was nominated ‘Young wine
grower of the year’ in Burgundy in 1996.

*62 COTE DE BEAUNE “Les Pierre Blanc” 2002 33.00
Domaine de la Vougeraie
Bigger structure than the “Bourgognes”.
Red berry fruit with pure finish on palate, oak aged.

Domaine Ramonet
The Ramonet family produces a very small quantity of this elegant
and refined wine. Medium bodied with a pronounced cherry fruitiness.

*112 CHATEAU DE MONTHELIE 2000 37.00
Eric de Suremain
A long vinification and new oak casks have given this
Monthelie 2000 deep purple colour, vanilla aroma, and a great deal
of finesse. Made by bio-dynamic methods.

*47 BEAUNE “Montrevenots” 1er Cru 2001 38.00
The vines of “Montrevenots” are young vines from Beaune
1er cru area, giving an excellent soft, elegant wine
with a wonderful concentration of red berry fruit.

*83 BEAUNE “Les Cras” 1er Cru 1998 59.00
Domaine Germain
Benoits indefatigable work in the vineyard pays off
handsomely with this highly concentrated pinot with fruit & power.

*109 POMMARD “Clos des Epeneaux” 1er Cru 2001 68.00
Comte Armand
This is one of the best wines of Pommard, full
rich, big and oaky. Made by an excellent young
wine grower, Benjamin La Roux.

*107 CORTON-BRESSANDES Grand Cru 1999 69.00
P. Dubreuil-Fontaine
A superb wine, with length and all the finesse of a Grand Cru.
Deliciously subtle and elegant, now drinking well.


*124 MACON VILLAGE “Gamay” 2004 25.00
Vignerons de Mancey
A wonderful fruity wine from the gamay grape.
Great concentration & spicy aromas.

*120 RULLY “Les Cloux” 1er Cru 2003 31.00
Pierre Jacqueson
A traditional wine maker with grapes still trodden down
by human feet. Full flavoured and well balanced wine with
a lovely dark berry fruit.

Although officially and legally part of Burgundy, Beaujolais stands apart with its whole essence in youth lightness and fruity aromas, which come from the Gamay Grape.

*130 BEAUJOLAIS VILLAGES “Les Vignes de Pierreux” 2004 24.00
Dominique Piron
From the leader of Beaujolais wines. Highly recommended
by Parker for his fruity vibrant wine - to be drunk young.

*132 MORGON “Domaine de la Chanaise” 2002 26.00
Dominique Piron
Morgon is the most robust of the ten Beaujolais Cru wines and the
most exuberantly fruity, vibrant and vivacious Morgon of the appellation.

*128 MOULIN-A-VENT “Les Vignes du Vieux Bourg” 2004 26.00
Dominique Piron
This is the grandest of the Beaujolais Cru wines, a silky powerful
wine with lots of fruit. Often referred to as the “King of Beaujolais wines”.

*133 FLEURIE “Domaine de la Madone” 2004 28.00
Jean Marc Despres
A single estate bottled wine with a deep colour and aromas of
Iris and Violet. Wonderful liveliness with lots of fruit.

*129 CHENAS 2003 29.00
This is a more fuller and chunky style of Beaujolais.
Intense colour with a deep rich concentrated style.

Bordeaux White is divided into two main regions, Graves and Sauternes. The White wines in Graves are
dry, but become soft and sweet in the Sauternes area.

Bin Vintage Price €

*141 CHATEAU MOULIN DE LAUNAY Entre-deux-Mers 2004 24.00
A fresh fruity wine made from the Sauvignon blanc
and Semillon varietals, with clean refreshing balance.

*143 CHATEAU L’ETOILE Graves 2003 26.00
A harmonious wine with a beautiful aroma of apricots and
exotic fruits.

*139 CHATEAU LA FONT MENAUT Pessac-Leognan 2004 32.00
A wonderful rich & elegant Sauvignon wine from the
Perrin family who own the famous Chateau Carbonnieux.


*145 CRU DES ARROUCATS St-Croix-du-Mont 2000 29.00
A very attractive sweet white wine, concentrated by “noble rot”,
similar but lighter in concentration than Sauternes.

*146 CHATEAU DE LA CHARTREUSE - Cru Classe Sauternes 1996 75.00
A delicious dessert wine. Aromatic and full, with complex (1/2 Bt) 1998 28.00
flavours of ripe peaches and apricots.

Although Bordeaux is best known for its “Grand Crus Classes” wines, which are universally recognised
as the most prestigious wines in the world, its basic Red Bordeaux or “Petit Chateau” wines offer
excellent quality and value.

A great year of sunshine. Very early and ripe harvest. Excellent wines to drink young, very flattering now.

*158 CHATEAU D’ARGADANS Bordeaux 28.00
Recently purchased by the Sichel Family. A remarkably rich Superieur
Bordeuax with a dark, brilliant colour. Over 50% Merlot used.

*156 CHATEAU SERILHAN St. Estephe 33.00
This wine has improved at a lightening pace under De Marcelis.
Now hailed by international critics for its remarkable finesse and power.

*149 CHATEAU MONLOT Grand Cru St. Emilion 38.00
This wine is rich, full and silky. The average
age of its vines is 31 years!

After a difficult start to 2002. It ended fantastically well, with an excellent September and wonderful ripe grapes.

*144 CHATEAU PIERREDON Bordeaux 24.00
A classic style Bordeaux, smooth and generous Superieur
with high percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon.

*142 CHATEAU LE NOBLE Bordeaux 24.00
A very reliable and consistent classic Bordeaux.
Awarded gold medal at Concours de Paris.

*179 CHATEAU DE SALES Pomerol 39.00
A wine which is on the comeback trail for the last
few years. A soft ruby coloured wine with flavours of ripe
fruit with earthy elements.

*163 CHATEAU TALBOT St. Julien 56.00
A very full wine, with impressive extract and freshy
texture, yet it maintains soft elegance.

Overall the quality of 2001 is very good, less powerful than 2000, but more generous and
rounder than 1999.

*171 CHATEAU PERRON Lalande de 27.00
This wine from 50% merlot noir reinforces the image of a Pomerol
professional whose aim is to give his customers the best
possible value in terms of quality, value and price.

Situated just north of Pomerol. It offers a lovely warm, Pomerol
structured wine from the merlot grape.

*150 ST. EMILION “Chateau la Nauve” St. Emilion 29.00
A medium bodied wine with a soft velvety texture,
intense bouquet of tobacco and dried
fruits, vanilla and roasted aromas.

*155 ST. EMILION “Chateau Jupiulle Carillon” St. Emilion 33.00
Since 1723, generation through generation has produced
this excellent wine from the blue soils of St. Emilion.
85% Merlot & 15 % Cabernet Franc. Fresh blackberry
fruit & spicy oak.

Produced by the highly respected Sichel family of Chateau
Palmer. This is the 2nd wine of Chateau d’Angludet.

A pleasant and charming wine with jammy black currant fruit,
intermixed with herbs and earthy aromas.

Without doubt one of the outstanding growers in
Bordeaux. Deserves to be classified with 2nd growths.
Real power and fruit.

*175 CHATEAU D’ISSAN Margaux 54.00
This property is on the move. A seductive wine with a deep
Ruby colour with subtle new oak and gorgeously ripe black fruit.

*170 ALTER EGO DE PALMER Margaux 75.00
Produced from the same world-renowned vineyards as Palmer.
It retains all the character of Palmer’s unique terroir. Intense aromas
and concentration on the palate, all with elegance.

*174 CHATEAU BRANE-CANTENAC Cru Classe Margaux 78.00
A great wine in a great vintage. A well balanced
charming wine with excellent fruit and herb aromas.

Another excellent vintage. Lots of sunshine giving an abundance of fruit.

*178 CHATEAU ROULET Canon Fronsac 25.00
From a small vineyard of the St. Emilion Region.
A great discovery of merlot and cabernet franc grapes. Easy to drink.

*159 CHATEAU DE GAILLAT Graves 30.00
Pierre Coste
An intense ruby red colour wine, with a flowery perfume and excellent
balance. Pierre’s daughter Helene is busy reducing yields & extending
maceration time to create a really top quality wine.

The saturated dense ruby colour of this 2000 vintage
is followed by aromas of high class toasty oak, great finesse
and balance neighbour of Haut-Bailly and Smith Haut Lafitte.

*164 CHATEAU D’ANGLUDET Margaux 52.00
A powerful and tannic wine with lots of jammy
black fruits. Well above its Cru Bourgeois classification.
2000 is one of its top vintages.

This wines surging reputation throughout the world
has ensured that it graces all of France’s top restaurant
lists. Outstanding concentration and complex fruit aromas
in a great vintage.

A great year of sunshine, produced huge harvest. Some outstanding wines, where yields
were controlled to concentrate the fruit in the wines.

A lovely medium bodied Merlot wine, with a soft
texture and concentrated fruit flavour.

*173 CHATEAU FOURCAS - DUMONT Listrac 32.00
Characteristic of Listrac, it is a very full-bodied tannic wine, Medoc
with good fruit and concentration. Made from 80% Merlot grape.

*182 CHATEAU GRAND CORBIN – Grand Cru St. Emilion 44.00
A thick and intense black/purple wine, with
lots of black cherry and cassis fruit.

*180 CLOS RENE Pomerol 46.00
A super second wine. Fat with flavour, and wonderful
soft yet full texture.

*197 CHATEAU DURFORT-VIVENS – Cru Classe Medoc 49.00
A famous second growth with a high percentage
of Cabernet Sauvignon, giving the wine lots of
power and body.

*169 CHATEAU HAUT BAILLY – Cru Classe Graves 69.00
A delicate, subtle wine, soft & fruit driven,
but with excellent balance and length.

*161 LE PETIT CHEVAL - Grand Cru St. Emilion 85.00
The second label of the famous Cheval Blanc, among the ‘big 8’
in Bordeaux. Superb balance with the ability to be drunk young
or aged.

A wonderful dry summer, unfortunately hampered by a little rain during harvest. The overall vintage will be good rather than great, but some great wines produced.

*166 CHATEAU DES ANTONINS Bordeaux 26.00
Lovely brick colour, good structure, fine tannin,
blackberry & cherry fruit.

A second wine of the famous Pontet Canet. Although
Rich and powerful, it is a lighter style.

A 4-to-5 month cuvasion with the best parcels of Gaillat,
giving a wonderful full-bodied wine with soft rich tannins
and an intense cherry and spice bouquet.

*181 CHATEAU LASCOMBES Margaux 49.00
A medium bodied soft, fruity and oaky wine. Recently
purchased by an Irish Family. Ideal for drinking now.

*193 LES FIEFS DE LAGRANGE St. Julien 44.00
The 2nd wine of the renowned Chateau Lagrange. Since
1983 Ducasse and his team have made stunning wines with
great depth of flavour.

The 2nd wine of the famous “La Mission Haut Brion”.
An outstanding wine, ripe fruit and very full bodied.

*188 CHATEAU DE FIEUZAL – Grand Cru Graves 70.00
A powerful tannic wine, intensely concentrated with a smokey,
intense blackberry fruit. Recently purchased by Irish man Loughlin-Quinn.

A mixed vintage of soft ripe wines, attractive for early drinking. A good year, but not as good as 1996.

*153 CHATEAU FOURCAS - DUMONT Listrac 32.00
Characteristic of Listrac, it is a very full-bodied tannic wine,
with good fruit and concentration.

*194 CHATEAU VILLEGEORGE - Cru Bourgeois Exceptional Haut Medoc 34.00
An excellent rounded, soft and pleasantly fruity
wine with a high percentage of Merlot.

This is the secondary label of the famous Chateau Palmer,
excellent quality wine with great concentration. Recently
changed name to Alter Ego de Palmer.

*195 CLOS DU MARQUIS St. Julien 65.00
The 2nd wine of the Leoville-las-Case is unquestionably
better than some famed 2nd and 3rd growths. The wine
is thick, rich and tannic, very well balanced.

*199 LES FORTS DE LATOUR Pauillac 85.00
The second wine of Latour is more often as good
as the classified growths of Bordeaux. Rich and complex
with a great bouquet.

A great year for Cabernet, although the overall vintage will be good rather than great. More structured than the 1997’s.

*189 CHATEAU LANESSAN Haut Medoc 42.00
An insider’s wine often of classified growth quality. The 1996 was
outstandingly dark in colour with amazing aromas.

Chateau Margaux’s 2nd wine. A delicious example of the
Margaux property. The wine is forward, round and generous,
with lots of black fruit and subtle oakiness.

Excellent sunshine, giving an abundance of big fruit. The best vintage since 1990, although a huge increase in Bordeaux prices resulted.

*198 CHATEAU LUCIE Grand Cru St. Emilion 44.00
A deep colour soft and round wine. A well made wine of fruit
intermixed with spice.

*177 CROIX DE BEAUCAILLOU St. Julien 65.00
From the exceptional estate of Ducru-Beaucaillou. This second
wine has a high percentage of Cabernet-Sauvignon, giving
ripe fruit and elegance.

*203 CHATEAU LYNCH-BAGES Cru Classe Pauillac 145.00
Ranks among one of the top vintages ever made at Lynch-Bages.
Has got all the power, yet the elegance and blackcurrant fruit.

*167 CHATEAU PALMER Cru Classe Margaux 180.00
Made by the famous Sichel Family. An excellent wine with fine ripeness
and fruit, already drinking well. Awarded 90 points in the Parker Guide.

Unfortunately the grapes were picked during the September rains, however,
some very attractive wines were made by the best growers who avoided rot.

*148 CHATEAU SOCIANDO MALLET Cru Bourgois Haut Medoc 75.00
This wine equals many classified growths. It has a surging
reputation for its ruby black, full-bodied wines.

Rain during harvest diluted the concentration of many of the 1992 Bordeaux
wines. A vintage to drink sooner rather than later and offers excellent value.

*176 CHATEAU LEOVILLE-LAS-CASES Cru Classe St. Julien 110.00
Unquestionably one of the great names and wines of Bordeaux.
Outstanding concentration and fruit for a difficult vintage. Delon’s
‘92 was one of the stars of a difficult vintage. Excellent drinking now.

Described as a good to excellent year, wines are now reaching full maturity.

*202 CHATEAU LA LAGUNE Haut Medoc 125.00
Its best vintage of the 70’s, still youthful with oodles of fruit
and a bouquet of roasted nuts and plums.

The Rhone Valley’s 140 mile stretch supports some of the rarest and most famous wines in the wine- drinking world. Most of the Rhone produces full, tannic and generous red wines. The white wines are
rich, strong and fine-flavoured.


Bin Vintage Price €

*225 VIOGNIER VDP 2004 26.00
Yves Cuilleron
A wonderful clean wine, with great melon and honey-
suckle flavours.

*249 ST. JOSEPH “Lyseras” 2004 32.00
Yves Cuilleron
These wines are also produced by Yves Cuilleron. A wonderful
refreshing wine with apricot & pear aromas from the marsanne grape.

*227 CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE “Clos des Papes” 1997 48.00
Paul Avril
A gleaming light yellow wine with bouquet of flowers
and very good balance structure. Much more interesting & complex
than the ‘04

*226 GRAPILLAGE (50cl) 2004 39.00
Pierre Gaillard
A very unusual dessert wine from roussanne and viognier
vines, made from late picked grapes which have been attacked
by “Noble Rot”, similar to Sauterne, very rich and aromatic.

*234 CONDRIEU “La Petite Cote” 2004 45.00
Yves Cuilleron
An excellent, richly fragrant & complex viognier with honey suckle &
orange marmalade undertones. Described by Parker as one of the most
brilliant white wine makers in the Northern Rhone.

*224 CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE “Clos des Papes” 2004 44.00
Paul Avril
A good year for white Chateauneuf. Well rounded fruity yet elegant
with perfume of honey and grilled almonds.


*248 CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE “Clos des Papes” 2003 58.00
Paul Avril
A huge wine, nominated among “The Top 10 wines of the World” by
Wine Spectator and 99/100 by Robert Parker. What more can I say!

*240 CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE “Clos des Papes” 1998 59.00
Paul Avril
A very rich wine with a huge berry scented bouquet, fat flavoured
and full-bodied. Awarded maximum 5 stars in the Parker Guide.

*236 ST. JOSEPH “Amarybelle” 2003 32.00
Yves Cuilleron
A saturated purple colour, with jammy cassis aromas intermixed
with pain greille. A wonderful wine.

*250 BANYULS “Cirera” (50cl) 2004 29.00
Pierre Gaillard
Banyules is the most famous fortified sweet dessert wine in the world.
Would compete with the top tawny ports. Ideal with chocolate desserts or cheese.

*238 HERMITAGE “St. Christophe” 2001 56.00
Vins de Viennes
A very full-bodied tannic red. Full flavoured aromas of cassis,
black pepper and tar.

*237 COTE ROTIE “Basseson” 2002 49.00
Yves Cuilleron
A deep purple-coloured wine made from over 90% syrah grape.
Elegant yet powerful with flavours of blackberry fruits.

Among all the French viticultural regions, none has made more progress in recent years than this sun-
drenched region. It now presents delicious red & white wines which offer real value.


*320 PICPOUL DE PINET “Domaine Jourdan” Coteau du 2004 25.00
Felines-Jourdan Languedoc
Picpoul is an old fashioned southern grape which deserves
a comeback. A fascinating fresh dry wine which tastes of
lemon & pears.

*319 LA SOULA BLANC Roussillon 2004 37.00
Gerard Gauby
From one of the regions top growers. A powerful blend of white,
with lots of fruit. Produced organically and oak aged.


*325 DOMAINE DU VIEUX RELAIS Costieres du 2000 27.00
A wonderful rich southern Rhone style wine which Nimes
got top marks at a recent comparative tasting.

*330 DOMAINE DE LA PROSE “Les Embruns” Coteau du 2000 28.00
De Mortillet Languedoc
100% Syrah matured in oak vats. Wonderful blackberry fruit,
a little wild with intense suave tannins.

*322 DOMAINE PERDIGUIER Coteaux 1999 29.00
Maraussan d’Enseruine
A wonderful young, fresh wine with blackberry fruit.
High percentage of Cabernet.

*332 FAUGERES VILLAGE Coteau du 2000 29.00
Alguier Languedoc
A delicious, ripe bottle with a touch of southern spice & fruit,
whilst retaining an elegance

*321 DOMAINE LES BASTIDES “Valeria” Coteaux d’aix 1996 30.00
Famille Salen en Provence
The vines are cultivated organically. This wine is only
produced in the best years. 50% Cabernet & 45% Grenache
giving wonderful fruit & spice.

*329 BANDOL “Domaine Tempier” Provence 2002 32.00
A wonderful wine from Provence. Full bodied yet smooth
on the palate. Lots of ripe fruit and pepper aromas.

*333 CHATEAU LE THOU “Cavee George et Clem” Coteau du 2000 36.00
Delicious intense Syrah fruit (100%). Big, long and Languedoc
complex wine with dark, brooding fruit and tar!

*328 LA SOULA ROUGE Roussillon 2003 39.00
Gerard Gauby
From the most renowned grower in Languedoc. An
outstanding powerful red with 40% Cabernet Sauvignon.
Oak aged and produced organically.

*323 ROC D’ANGLADE Coteau du 2000 48.00
Gerard Gauby Languedoc
A wonderful wine from the Gard, big red with animal
nose. Very rich yet with soft tannins.

*324 VIN DE MAURY “Solera 1928” Languedoc 1928 26.00
A Rich fortified wine. The French equivalent of LPV Roussillon (Solera) (50cl)
port. Ideal with chocolate desserts.

Truly the garden of France, from Blais to St. Nazaire. These wines are famous for their rightness and
dryness of character.

Guilbaud Freres
Fresh, crisp and dry, with refreshing lemony acidity,
and attractive apple fruits. Ideal with seafood.

Henri Bourgeois
Made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape, it draws its character from
the limestone soils, combines freshness and vigour with a blend of aromas.

Henri Bourgeois
A highly rated producer, voted best Sancerre of the
vintage by Decanter Magazine.


Alsace wines are dry and full flavoured, easy to distinguish from other French wines because of their
distinctive perfumed bouquet. The specific aromatic nature of these wines depends on the grape variety.

221 GEWURZTRAMINER 2000 30.00 Andre Kientzler
The perfect wine of Alsace, spicy and dry with a fruity scent.

223 RIESLING ‘Osterberg’ - Grand Cru 2000 26.00
Andre Kientzler
A classic with a typical slightly petroly nose, one of the hallmarks.
Considerable fruit and a fine balance.

*222 TOKAY “Pinot Gris” 1996 36.00
Vendanges Tardives (50cl)
An outstanding dessert wine, made from super ripe grapes.
Giving perhaps the most exotic smell of any wine in the world with
Remarkable finesse of flavour.

Spain has more land under vines than any other country in Europe. With recent changes in vinification
methods the Spanish have made vast strides in improving the quality of the wines.

276 EYLO “Condesa” 2004 29.00
This wine is deliciously fresh, with aromas
of peach and apple and soft rich fruit flavours
in the mouth.


279 CONDADO DE HAZA 2001 36.00
Alejandro Fernandez
Made from young vines, very big and rich, although
lighter than his Reserva. Pesquera’s newest vineyard.

278 PESQUERA RESERVA 2001 65.00
Alejandro Fernandez
This wine was brought instant fame when Parker described it as
the “Petrus of Spain”. Very big, rich and ripe, overlaid with new oak.

These wines have been selected with the assistance of Master of Wines Richard Kelley who is also regular contributor to the famous John Platter SA Wine Guide.
Bin Vintage Price €

*360 SAUVIGNON BLANC “Quando” 2005 29.00
Fanns & Martin Brumer
A wonderful crisp sauvignon with pear drop aromas.
Their second vintage to be exported.


An excellent early drinking vintage produced organically.
Full of fruit & spice.

This estate produces some of the best wines from the cape. Very
bordeaux-like style with about 30% new oak.

*364 SYRAH, THE FOUNDRY 2002 44.00
This 2002 has been awarded 5 stars in the 2004 John Platter Guide.
Lots of structure with plumy fruit & tobacco aromas.


*370 VIN DE PAILLE 1999 39.00
Berthet Bondet (1/2 bt)
A most unusual wine unique to the Jura. Grapes are dried
on straw beds in the open air, until very concentrated, giving
an intense powerful, fruity sweet wine. Very Rare.

Berthet Bondet
Wholly original, a strong white “yellow wine” from savignin grape.
Aged for a minimum six years in cast where it undergoes a
transformation similar to sherry. Powerful, dry with super walnut aromas.

Italy has undergone a renaissance in wine-making since the mid 80’s, it stands unrivalled as wines of
diversity and value. This is the third year we directly imported Individual Estate Wines from Italy, the
fun and challenge was to pick the gems of Italy’s ecological treasure chest.


Bin Region Vintage Price €

*347 TOCAI FRIULANO Udine 2003 27.00
A fine medium fresh white, with lovely exotic ripe fruits
& gentle spice on the nose.

*345 VERNACCIA DI SAN GIMIGNANO Tuscany 2004 27.00
A rich ripe wine, with lime fruit & gentle acidity.
A long mineral finish.

318 ROSSJ BASS Piedmont 2001 65.00
Angelo Gaja
A fine bouquet of citrus fruits, flowers and a touch
of honey with considerable depth.


*344 UMERO NERO (Pinot Noir) Lombardy 2004 27.00
Castello di Luzzano
Sweet cherry & strawberry fruit on the nose. Very
concentrated ripe fruit on the palate.

*349 DOLCELLO D’ALBA Piedmont 2004 28.00
A delicious young wine. Full but
soft, fresh and fruity. Ideal for drinking young.

*342 MARION VALPOLICELLA Verona 1998 32.00
Stefano Campedelli
A wonderful soft perfumed cherry & floral nose, with
elegance & juicy length. Outstanding producer.

*343 LUZZANO 270 ‘Rosso Oltrepo Pavese’ Lombardy 1998 34.00
Castello di Luzzano
A lovely full wine with a high percentage of Barbera
grape. Very smooth with a ripe fruit and liquorice on the palate.

*346 BARBARESCO Piedmont 2000 36.00
Paulo Anfosso
Toughness & tannin are hallmarks of the Nabbiolo grape,
Barbaresco’s only grape. Expect more softness than in the Barolo.

*350 BAROLO “Brunate” Piedmont 1998 44.00
A powerful wine, well balanced and refined. Complex and
inviting. The king of Italian wines.

*351 ANFITEATRO ACUTI – SUPER TUSCAN Tuscany 1999 55.00
One of the top Super Tuscans. Roccaldo uses the traditional
vinification which adds freshness and colour. 100% Saugiovese
grape and new oak used.
German wines provide fascinating comparison, to be enjoyed by experiencing the subtle changes that
location, sunshine and soil combine to produce.

Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt
This wine has aromas of scented alpine flowers, while
on the pallet there are suggestions of juicy green apples.

263 GRAACHER HIMMELREICH - Reisling Kabinett 1999 32.00
Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt
This wine has crisp apple fruit flavours with good
acidity, from a well regarded producer.

264 PIESPORTER GOLDTROPFCHEN - Riesling Kabinett 2002 29.00
Riechsgraf von Kesselstatt
From one of the finest vineyards of the Mosel. Medium Dry
with the lovely ripe fruit of the 2002 vintage.

252 CHARDONNAY - Margaret River 2000 65.00
Leeuwin Estate
From a historic family-run company, this special reserve is one of their top
wines from the Hardy collection. A powerful wine with honeyed complexity.

254 CAPE MENTELLE - Margaret River 2001 36.00
Delicious lemon & gooseberry fruit aromas with
clean refreshing balance.


257 CABERNET SHIRAZ Penfolds Bin 389 2002 48.00
One of Penfolds classics. The barrels used for ageing 389 were used to
age the Grange the previous year. Great depth of colour, rich and powerful.

258 CABERNET SAUVIGNON - Art Series 1998 65.00
Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River
Rated among the top Australian wines. Intense rich style
with blackberry fruit and minty nose, great depth and length.

Should you wish for a bottle of Port, you can keep it throughout your stay, we will decant it for you.
280 COCKBURNS Late Bottle Vintage 1999 45.00
308 GRAHAM’S Vintage 1994 110.00
309 GRAHAM’S Vintage 1985 115.00

310 CARL JUNG - Red Wine 6.50

ELSTAR - A rich, sweet, aromatic juice. 4.60
JONAGOLD - A crisp, fresh and easy to drink medium-sweet apple juice. 4.60
BRAMLEY - A dry and zesty juice. 4.60

We have a great choice of Magnums, Double Magnums, Jeroboams and Imperials. They are ideal for a
large party or that special occasion! I would appreciate if you could order these wines a few hours beforehand as they are kept in our Main Cellar which you can view in La Marine.

Bin Region Vintage Price €



296 GOSSET - Brut Grand Reserve Champagne N.V. 130.00


*298 ST. ROMAIN Burgundy 2001 58.00
Alain Gras

*295 POUILLY FUISSE Burgundy 2002 75.00
Andre Forest

*302 CHABLIS “MONTEE DE TONNERRE” 1er Cru Burgundy 2001 68.00
Louis Michel

*285 MACON CLESSE “Domaine de la Bongran” Burgundy 1998 78.00
Jean Thevenet

*304 MEURSAULT Burgundy 2003 79.00
Alain Gras


*284 COTES DU RHONE VILLAGE Rhone 1999 45.00
Vignerons de Chusclan

*286 BEAUNE 1er Cru “Les Cras” Burgundy 2002 120.00
Domaine Germain

*282 CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE “Clos des Papes” Rhone 2001 140.00
Paul Avril

*283 POMMARD Burgundy 2002 155.00
Comte Armand


*288 COTES DU RHONE VILLAGE Rhone 1999 79.00
Vignerons de Chusclan

*287 CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE “Clos des Papes” Rhone 2001 195.00
Paul Avril

*293 CHATEAU DE GAILLAT Bordeaux 2000 135.00
Pierre Coste

*297 VOUGEOT “Les Cras” 1er Cru Burgundy 2003 280.00
Domaine de La Vougeraie


*301 VOUGEOT “Clos du Prieure” Burgundy 2000 460.00
Domaine de la Vougeraie

Bin Vintage Price €


26 LOUIS ROEDERER - Brut Premier N.V. 28.00

*9 COTES-DU-RHONE-ROSE - Les Vignerons de Chusclan 2002 10.00


Rhone Valley

*2 COTES-DU-RHONE - Les Vignerons de Chusclan 2005 10.00
*229 CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE – Paul Avril 2004 24.00
*253 ST. JOSEPH “Lyseras” – Yves Cuilleron 2004 16.00

Burgundy White

*4 MACON VILLAGE - Vielles Vignes 2004 12.00
*73 RULLY “La Pucelle” - Pierre Jacqueson 2004 15.00
*59 ST. ROMAIN - Alain Gras 2003 16.00
*74 MONTAGNY - 1er Cru - Alain Roy 2004 16.00
*32 CHABLIS - Louis Michel 2004 17.00
*82 POUILLY FUISSE “Les Crays” - Andre Forest 2004 18.00
*78 MACON “VIRE” - Jean Thevenet 2001 18.00
*24 PERNAND-VERGELESSES – Domaine Germain 2000 18.00
*54 PULIGNY MONTRACHET - Louis Carillon et Fils 2001 24.00



*6 COTES DU RHONE - Les Vignerons de Chusclan 2003 10.00
*251 ST. JOSEPH “Amarybelle” – Yves Cuilleron 2003 17.00
*239 CHATEAUNEUF DE PAPE “Clos des Papes” 2003 22.00

Burgundy Red

*131 BEAUJOLAIS VILLAGE “Le Pierreux” - Dominique Piron 2004 13.00
*134 FLEURIE “La Madone” - Jean Marc Despres 2004 14.00
*105 COTE DE BEAUNE “St. Aubin”- Louis Carillon 2003 15.00
*111 ST. ROMAIN - Alain Gras 2002 15.00
*116 CHATEAU DE CHOREY LES BEAUNE - Domaine Germain 2003 16.00
*100 CHASSAGNE MONTRACHET - Domaine Ramonet 2002 17.00
*113 MONTHELIE “Sur la Velle” - 1er Cru - Eric de Suremain 1999 18.00
*118 VOSNE ROMANEE - Domaine Forey 2002 22.00

Bordeaux Red

*151 CHATEAU LA NAUVE – St. Emilion 2003 13.00
*200 CHATEAU D’ARGADENS – Bordeaux Superieur 2003 13.00
*187 CHATEAU JUPILLE CARILLON - St. Emilion 1999 15.00
*201 CHATEAU VIGNOLLES PEGROULET - Graves 2003 16.00
*190 CHATEAU D’ANGLUDET – Margaux 2001 24.00