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Bin Vintage Bottle

- Marques de Valcarlos, Blanco
Deliciously fresh with delicate fruit aroma - dry Spain €22.00

- Marques de Valcarlos, Crianza
Wild fruit aroma and a round elegant taste Spain €22.00

- Montes Reserve Carbernet Sauvignon
Intense ruby red colour, full body, good fruit on the palate and a strong finish Chile €22.00

- Montes Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
Deeply fruity, well balanced wine with acidity that make it appealing and friendly Chile €22.00


1 Cote De Beaune Village - A.C Louis Latour
Full flavoured, good balance of fruit and tannin 2003 €32.00

2 Fleurie - Regnard
A seductive perfume and flavour of crushed berries 2002 €31.00

3 Gevrey Chambertin - Joseph Drouhin
Distinct red berry aromas with a touch of oak fine mature complex fruit flavours 2000 €70.00


4 Chardonnay - A.C Louis Latour
Fresh, creamy bouquet, dry with long finish 2004 €24.00

5 Macon Lugny - A.C “Les Genievres” Louis Latour
A fresh, dry wine of real style 2004 €26.00

5A Bourgogne Blanc - Regnard
This wine has note of floral and fruity aromas with some touch of butter and cooked fruits 2001 €26.50

6 Montagny 1er Cru - “Chateau de la Saule” Alain Roy Thevenin
Flowery ripe, well balance with an attractive lively fruitiness good length and a refreshing finish 2003 €35.00

7 Chablis - Albert Pic
Aromas of ripe fruits, apple and pear, this wine is supple, soft, rounded with good freshness 2003 €35.00

8 Pouilly Fuisse - A.C J Moreau et Fils
This is an elegant dry wine with lots of body and fruit 2004 €38.00

9 Chablis 1er Cru - A. Regnard et Fils
Dry, crisp wine of distinction 2000 €48.00

10 Puligny Montrachet - Joseph Drouhin
Eminently dry, with great lingering finish and supreme elegance 2003 €70.00


12 Michel Lynch Reserve
An excellent wine This delicious wine has a subtle hint of oak. 2000 €25.00

12A Chateau St. Paul - Cru Bourgeois Medoc
Highly regarded, rich stylish wine with a rich lingering finish. 2001 €28.00

13 St. Emilion - Baron Philippe de Rothschild
Lots of weighty fruit, with spice and peppery overtones, a full, velvety, sensuous wine. 2002 €30.00

14A Chateau Teyssier - St. Emillion Grand Cru Classe
This Chateau wine is classic Bordeaux, with sweet scents of blackberry fruit on the nose followed by ripe, rich fruit on the palate. 2002 €52.00

15 Chateau Gloria - Cru Bourgeois - St. Julien
A particularly attractive and stylish wine from an excellent vintage. 2000 €66.00

16 Chateau Calon Segur - 3eme Cru Classe St. Estephe
A robust wine with loads of cassis and ripe black fruit, a very carbernet dominated wine, well balanced. 1998 €70.00

17 Chateau Grand Puy Ducasse - 5eme Cru Classe Pauillac
Excellent well known 5th growth from a good vintage. The wine has good colour, body and finish 1998 €75.00

18 Chateau Lynch Bages - 5eme Cru Classe Pauillac
Made somewhat in the style of 1998, reveal notes of leather, tobacco, olives and black fruits It is graceful, elegant, with character and style. 1998 €140.00


19 Crozes Hermitage - Paul Jaboulet Aine
Full bodied, nice bouquet and flavour. 2002 €28.00

20 Chateauneuf du Pape - La Bernardine - M. Chapoutier
Rich, powerful, full bodied generous wine excellent finish and a hint of spice. 2003 €46.00


22 Gewurztraminer - Trimbach
Pungently aromatic, full bodied with a dry finish and a lingering spicy aftertaste. 2003 €29.00

22A Pinot Gris - Trimbach
Very richly flavoured dry white with gentle spicy tones. 2002 €32.00


23 Vouvray Mare Bredif
Pale gold yellow Very intense fruity nose with peach and apricot. Supple with a good liveliness Long fresh finish 2003 €26.00

24 Pouilly Fume - Jean Claude Chatelain
Full with aromatic green fruit flavours, delicious crisp acidity and a long finish 2004 €34.00

25 Sancerre - Comte Lafond de Ladoucette
Fresh and fragrant, best when young 2004 €38.00


26 Sancerre - La Poussie Rose
Bright with salmon nuances, elegant on the nose with hints of raspberry and strawberry, lively with fruit aromas 2004 €42.00


27A Campofiorin - Masi
Wonderful sweet and sour fruit appeal unique quality to Italy 2002 €28.00

27 La Selvanella Chianti Classico Riservsa
Beautiful colour with a good balance 2000 €33.00


28 Pinot Grigio - Masi - Masiaco
Delicate nose with peach and almond aromas, citrus and apple flavours lively acidity well balanced finish 2004 €26.00


30A Campilo Crianza, Rioja
On the palate, it is large and complex, with a persistent full of aromatic sensations finish 2000 €28.00

30 Marques de Riscal - Reserva
Classic rich, oaky bouquet, lovely sweet rich fruit, mellow round and supple with length of flavour 2001 €34.00

32 Faustino 1 Gran Reserva
Velvety smooth with an attractive aroma 1995 €39.00

33 Faustino de Autor
Intanse, rich fruity and smooth, as you’d expect from top producer, Faustino 1995 €68.00


34 Lawson’s Dry Hills - Sauvignon Blanc
Typical sauvignon aroma with punchy fruit driven flavours of green apples and a delightfully refreshing finish 2005 €29.00


35 Penfolds Private Bin - Chardonney
The bouquet displays melon, peach and citrus characters that are mirrored on the palate which is soft with a fine, creamy finish 2004 €24.00

36 Cape Mentelle - Semillon / Sauvignon
A gentle waft of vanilla gives evidence of some barrel fermentation. The palate had a full and creamy texture, with abundant zingy flavors. The clean crisp finish gives the wine focus and length 2003 €37.50

37 Penfolds Private Bin - Cab. Sauvignon / Shiraz Ruby Cabernet
Sweet, ripe, berry fruit is complemented by subtle oak ageing, giving an excellent balance and softness 2004 €24.00

38A Mamre Brook - Shiraz
Deep, full bodied, shows rich cassis fruit flavours 2003 €33.00

38 GSM - Mclaren Vale
Fresh berry and spicy fruit flavours with ripe, plummy softness for easy drinking 2001 €38.00


39 Trio - Chardonney Casablanca Valley, Concha y Toro
Pale colour, with a hint of lime green. Rich scent of pineapples, overlaid with cloves and oak. Full and rich, oozing with ripe tropical fruit flavours 2003 €26.00

40 Trio - Cabernet Sauvignon, Maipo Valley, Concha y Toro
The lovely structure of this Cabernet puts it far beyond its price class. The fruit is ripe and eucalyptus-scented. Lovely ripeness across the palate with herbal and spicy notes along with long lasting varietal flavors 2003 €26.00


41 Villiera - Chenin Blanc
A delicious un-oaked chardonnay with a refreshing citrus style and a distinct nutty fruit 2005 €25.00

42 Villiera - Pinotage
A scrumptious full bodied wine with intense ripe fruit and soft tannins 2002 €25.00