Pearl Brasserie / Vegetarian Menu

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Portobello Mushroom Soup €8.00
Smoked Almond Milk, Truffle Oil

Mixed Vegetables Tempura €12.50
Marinated Beansprouts

Mesclun Salad €6.00
Candied Nuts

Cheese Croquettes €12.50
Beetroot, Shaved Apple, Orange, Wasabi

Main Course

Watercress Risotto €16.00
Grana Padano

Linguini €16.00
Black Truffle

Fondue of Spinach €16.00
Mushroom Ravioli, Truffle Oil

Parmesan Gnocchi €16.00
Capers & Nut Brown Butter


Side Orders Portion for one person €4.00
Potato & Celeriac Dauphinoise Buttered Peas
Homemade Fries Mesclun Salad & Balsamic Dressing