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Starters €

StoneCutters home-made Seafood Chowder 6.25
good, rich & creamy full of mussels & prawns & baby squid & razor fish & cockles & on & on & on…..!!!

Fresh Home-made Vegetarian Soup of the Day 4.95
 – a big bowl of warming soup with StoneCutters own brown soda bread, see black board for today’s soup

StoneCutter’s Fish Cakes  8.95
– a wonderful mixture of potato with salmon; prawns and smoked Haddock, fried in real butter and served with a crispy mixed salad. (may contain some bones).

Warm Salad of the Day - mixed leaves of crispy lettuce with crunchy peppers, juicy tomato, cucumber, sweet corn, red onion & more coupled with today’s  freshly prepared meat or fish – see blackboard for details

BBQ Spare Ribs 7.95
– Baby Back Ribs of Irish pork marinated in BBQ Sauce and slow cooked in the oven (Main Course 11.95)

Main Courses
StoneCutters Creamy Ocean Pie – 14.95
Tasty Smoked Haddock in a rich creamy sauce with peas and Hard boiled egg topped with fluffy potato & melted cheese, served with crispy salad or vegetables (Fish may contain some bones)

StoneCutters Fresh Fish and Chips – 14.50
catch of the day dressed in a light Beer Batter with crunchy chips and mushy peas, Yummm!!
Please check the board for today’s catch (Fish may contain some bones).

Traditional Beef & Guinness Stew 11.95
local Irish Beef slow cooked with a selection of Fresh Veg & Spuds in a rich Guinness sauce – good hearty grub!!

Vegetarian dish of the day
– If you don’t like eating anything with a face…. see the board for today’s delights

Chef’s Specials of the day– see black board for details.

StoneCutters Home-made IRISH Beef Burger 9.95
made from scratch with local lean beef, combined with herbs, seasoning & crumbs to give you a real mouthful of meat, served with a choice of mashed potato or chips.

Side Orders €

Garlic Bread 2.95
- oven baked baguette dripping with REAL garlic butter

Garlic Bread with Cheese 3.95
- same as above but  truly Loaded with Irish cheddar cheese

Portion of Chips 3.95

StoneCutters Side Salad 4.95

Portion of Mushy Peas 1.95

Portion of Baked Beans 1.95

Portion of Vegetables 2.95

Fried onions and mushrooms 2.95

Extra basket of Homemade Brown Bread 1.95


Real Dairy Ice Cream, rich creamy selection of flavours with a choice of chocolate or butterscotch sauce 5.95

Crumble of the day 4.95
– melt in the mouth granny’s traditional home-made crumble, served with cream, ice-cream or custard

Freshly baked Cakes of the day please ask your waitress 4.95

Fresh Home-made Cheese Cake 4.95

Rich Chocolate Tartlets 4.95
– rich truffle filling in a pastry case x 2

Banoffee – the original and the best! 4.95
Biscuit base topped with real bananas and sinful caramel filling finished off with whipped cream or ice cream if you prefer

Chocolate Biscuit Cake 4.95
– rich and dark with cherries and Walnuts. Served with cream or ice cream 

Bread & Butter Pudding 4 .95
– made to a traditional family recipe and served hot with custard, ice-cream or cream truly