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House Wines €

Sant Orsola Soave ½ Litre 10.95 Litre 21.00
This wine is straw yellow colour with a crisp, clean fruity palette and an excellent finish.

Sant Orsola Valpolicella ½ Litre 10.95 Litre 21.00
Baked fruit, cinnamon, black cherries and blackcurrants fill the mouth with a luxurious long finish – made for seduction!!

Canti Sicilia Catarratto Chardonnay 2008 New! Glass 3.95 14.95
Well balanced medium bodied white from Italy with hints of citrus and exotic fruits, fresh and clean and much lighter than you typical Chardonnay. An ideal partner toseafood, white meat or pasta. Very easy drinking especially at this price!

Canti Puglia Negroamaro Zinfandel 2008 New! Glass 3.95 14.95
Well structured medium bodied red from Italy, with a distinct bouquet of wild berries, goes well with the stew and the steak – truly Yummy and one of my favourites!

White Wine Full Bottle Selection

Santa Luz Sauvignon Blanc 2007 Bestseller! Glass 4.50 16.95
Well balanced white from Chile with intense full fruity aromas, fresh and clean. An ideal partner to seafood, white meat or pasta.

Andreas Cavas Chardonnay 2008 Glass 4.50 17.95
From Mendoza in Argentina this is crisp with fresh melon, mandarin and a hint of rose petals. This wine will stay with you long after the bottle’s gone! Excellent value!

Stony Cape Chenin Blanc 2008 Glass 4.50 17.95
This gorgeous South African Chenin Blanc is vibrant and young with zippy zesty aromas of citrus and peaches, to lift your spirits and slip down all to easily!

Touraine Sauvignon Blanc AC 2006 Glass 4.50 18.50
From The Loire in France this excellent Sauvignon is dry, zesty and full of gooseberry. It has citrus and lime flavours, which balance nicely which makes it a very refreshing experience. Very good with smoked meats, cheeses and fish. Enjoy the excellent value!

Pinot Grigio Marchesini 2007 21.50
This Italian masterpiece is a vivacious dry white, slight coppery colour with a delicate fruity fragrance. Wonderful with Salmon and pasta.

Red Wine Full Bottle Selection €

Santa Luz Merlot 2007 New! Glass 4.50 16.95
Medium to full bodied red from Chile, soft and well-rounded with plum and soft floral characters which give way to rich vanilla, oak and chocolate flovours – very easy to drink - one of our favourites!

Andreas Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Glass 4.50 17.95
The cherry and plum fruit flavours simply exude from this lively medium bodied Argentinean wine. Soft tannins round out to a sweet spicy finish Yummm Great value!

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo D.O.C. 2007 Bestseller! Glass 4.50 17.95
This Italian red is a superbly vibrant wine with a mature spicy blackberry bouquet and a long lasting finish to take with you. Great with vegetarian food.

Stony Cape Ruby Cabernet Cinsault 2007 Glass 4.50 17.95
The fruity and silky smoothness of this South African Cinsault, complimented by the robust and complex Ruby-Cabernet produces this harmonious wine. Quiet  robust and full bodied we’d be very surprised if you don’t like this!!

Rioja TorreAldea Joven New! 18.95
This Spanish wine is a bright cherry-red with glints of purple. Aromatic with hints of blackberries; strawberries; raspberries and blueberries with a hint of liquorice. Full bodied rich and well balanced it is good with pasta, red meat and stew. A great value wine.

Benchmark Sharaz 2007 New! 19.95
Benchmark by Grant Burge is the epitome of a great wine from South Australia It has excellent fruit and berry flavours along with complex oak and savoury spice and a hint of vanilla. Delicious with roasted meats, curries and spicy dishes. Highly Recommended.

Have you checked out our wonderful range of fruit based Irish wines Wine of the Glen made here in Co. Clare? Full bottles €21.95  Glasses €5.50

Rosé €

La Grande Haie Cabernet d’Anjou 2003/04 19.95
This is a real summer wine and a good option for red lovers on a warm day. This French estate bottled rose is a medium bodied easy drinking wine with aromatic raspberry flavours, and served nice and cold!. This is my personal favourite.

Sarantos Soft Press ‘Scarlet’ Cabernet 2005 21.50
Naturally well balanced with just the fresh, vibrant berry fruit flavours of ‘Scarlet’ Cabernet, soft pressed for a truly smooth finish.

Selection of Half Bottles


Vina Tarapaca Chardonnay 11.50
This is a complex and interesting cocktail of butterscotch aromas and a zipy Fruit flavour. Long intense and refreshing.

Vina Tarapaca Cabernet Sauvignon 11.50
Spices dominate this deep red blend creating a small piece of Heaven. A medium to full bodied red with ripe fruit flavours and a strength of character to match!

Quarter Bottles

White and Red

Ascender Cellars Australian Chardonnay 5.75
A glass and a half of easy drinking with delicious aromas of tropical fruits, juicy, fresh and full-bodied. Delicious with white meats, seafood and salads.

Kelly’s Promise Shiraz Mourvedre 5.75
Again a glass and a half of superb shiraz to warm the cockles of your heart. As with most shiraz this is a peppery full bodied rich wine with a hint of spice. Good with the steaks.

Churchills’ Vintage Character Port 70cl glass 3.95

Garveys’ Pale Cream Sherry 70cl glass 3.95