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* Dishes marked with asterisk are traditional and not subject to any change


* Crudo e mozzarella € 9.00
Typical Italian starter with mozzarella and Parma ham

* Bruschetta Contadina € 6.00
A quick and genuine meal, an excellent starter made from Italian toasted bread with tomatoes, garlic, basil, salt, pepper, Parma Ham, peppers and rocket

Spiedini di gamberetti € 8.50
Skewered king prawns with cherry tomatoes, cooked in e. v. olive oil, fresh chopped chillies, garlic, tossed with white wine

* Cozze alla Tarantina € 8.00
Mussels cooked with garlic, chilli, tomato, parsley and toast bread

* Antipasto tipico Italiano  € 9.00
Traditional Italian appetizer consisting of various types of salami and prosciutto di Parma

Zuppa del giorno  € 4.50
Soup of the day

I secondi di carne
Main courses

* Tagliata di manzo con rucola e Pachino € 24.50
Grilled 14 oz entrecote (sliced), served on a bed of rocket leaves with cherry tomatoes and Grana flakes, dressed with balsamic vinegar and roast potatoes

* Filetto al pepe verde € 25.50
10 oz Irish fillet steak, served in a fine green pepper sauce and roast potatoes

Millefoglie di manzo € 25.50
Two 5 oz layers of Irish fillet between aubergines, fresh tomato, slice mozzarella and roast potatoes

* Saltimbocca alla Romana “ Jump into your mouth “ € 21.00
Veal escalope, Parma ham, sage in a fine white wine sauce and mix salad

* Scaloppine alla Pizzaiola € 21.00
Veal escalope cooked with e. v. olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, capers and olive and mix salad

* Straccetti “ Via Veneto “ € 25.00
10oz strips of fillet sautéed with onions, cherry tomatoes, and rocket, dressed with balsamic vinegar of Modena, served in a bed of rocket and topped with Grana flakes and roast potatoes

* Costolette d' agnello alla scottadito or “ burn the fingers “ € 21.00
Fresh Irish lamb cutlets marinated with rosemary and garlic, served on a bed of Italian roast potatoes

Contorni e insalate
Side orders and salads

Insalata verde € 3.50
A selection of salad leaves with the chef's sauce

Insalata mista € 4.00
Salad leaves, onion, olives, cucumbers, fresh tomato, peppers and the chef's sauce

Insalata di pomodori € 4.00
Fresh tomatoes, onions, oregano moistened with e. v. olive oil, salt and pepper

Patate al forno € 4.00
Roast potatoes with rosemary and e. v. olive oil

Verdure del giorno € 4.00
Vegetables of the day

La pasta
Pasta dishes

Maccheroncini dell'ortolano  € 12.00
Typical fresh pasta (Calabrien), with, e. v. olive oil, onions, strips of chicken, mushrooms in a fine cream sauce

* Fettuccine Alfredo € 13.00
Is a dish made from eggs fettuccine tossed with Parmigiano Reggiano and triple butter and cream. It was named by an Italian restaurateur at his restaurant Alfredo alla Scrofa in Roma.

* Scialatielli funghi e gamberetti € 12.00
Typical fresh pasta (Amalfi) with garlic, e. v. olive oil, prawns, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

* Fettuccine Speck e Porcini € 13.00
Fresh egg fettuccine, garlic, butter, speck, porcini mushrooms and cream

* Scialatielli alla Boscaiola  € 12.00
Typical fresh pasta ( Amalfi), e. v. olive oil, onions, mushrooms, pancetta ( Italian bacon ) tomatoes, pepper and white wine

Tortelloni/Ravioloni del Ghiottone € 13.00
Fresh egg pasta, cooked with pancetta (Italian Bacon), onions and fresh cream

* Scialatielli ai frutti di mare € 15.00
Fresh pasta ( Amalfi) cooked with garlic, mixed seafood,cherry tomatoes, excellent dish for fish gourmet

* Homemade Lasagna Emiliana € 13.00


Pollo ai funghi € 16.50
Chicken fillet cooked with mushrooms cream sauce side roast potatoes

* Pollo alla Cacciatora € 17.00
Chicken fillet with onions, laurel, carrots, tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms and roast potatoes

Pollo del fattore € 18.00
Two layers of chicken between ham and cheese topped with mushroom sauce and roast potatoes

* Pollo alle verdure € 17.00
Chicken fillet cooked with fresh mix vegetables, side mix salad

* Pollo alle zingara € 17.00
Chicken fillet with e.v.o. oil, onions, peppers, mushrooms tomatoes, chilly side roast potatoes

La Pizza (12 inch)

Margherita € 10.00
Tomato and mozzarella cheese

Marinara € 11.00
Tomato, garlic and oregano

Prosciutto e funghi € 12.00
Tomato, mozzarella, ham and mushrooms

Diavola (Spicy) € 12.00
Tomato, mozzarella and pepperoni (spicy hard dry Italian sausage)

Capricciosa € 12.00
Tomato, mozzarella cheese, ham, olives, mushrooms and oregano

Quattrostagioni € 12.00
Tomato, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms, pepperoni and peppers

Vegetariana € 13.00
Tomato, mozzarella, onions, mixed peppers, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

“Via Veneto” € 14.00
Tomato, mozzarella cheese, Parma ham and rocket leaves

Calzone farcito € 13.00
Tomato, mozzarella cheese, ham, salami and mushrooms


Tiramisù €5.00
Homemade Tiramisù

Banoffee €5.00
Homemade cake,made from toffee, biscuits crumble, butter and fresh cream

Piramide alla crema di vaniglia ricoperta di cioccolato €5.00
Pyramid of vanilla cream, covered with chocolate
Torre di lamponi con mousse ai frutti di passione €5.00
Tower of raspberry with passion fruit mousse (cold dessert)

Cream Brulée €5.00
This is a delicious light,yet tasty dessert. The contrast between the custard and the hot caramelized sugar gives it a special texture and special taste. This dessert is without question our most popular

Cantucci e vinsanto €6.50
Tuscan specialties Cantucci and vinsanto

Gelato misto €5.00
Mix ice cream


Parmigiano con miele di bosco €7.00
(with forest honey)

Pecorino con noci e pera €7.00
(with nuts and pear)

Piatto di formaggi misti con miele di bosco €9.50
Mixed cheese platter served with forest honey

My dream was to create a place where my guests could feel comfortable, as if they were in my “Italy”, so vital, warm and colourful. I made my dream come true in my restaurant the “Via Veneto“, where guests, friends and staff are like part of my family. Time is the most precious asset. My aim is to provide moments of indulgence, and a warm ambience. Special thanks to all my customers for the support they gave me in choosing my restaurant. A million thanks to my dear friend and gastronomic critic Paolo Tullio, who believed in me and my cooking from the first day.
Paolo Fresilli
Executive Chef and owner