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Knockdrinna Meadow sheeps cheese, rarebit with port & pear purée and candied pecans

Knockdrinna Meadow sheeps cheese, rarebit with port & pear purée and candied pecans
Recipe created by Derry Clarke, L'Ecrivain, for the 2010 Irish Food Writers Guild Food Awards
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Hot Shellfish with Garlic, Herbs, Olive Oil and White Wine

Hot ShelllFish - ahernes
Aherne's Seafood Restaurant in Youghal, County Cork is the Georgina Campbell Seafood Circle Restaurant of the Year 2010, sponsored by BIM. This exuberant mélange is a speciality from head chef/joint-proprietor, David Fitzgibbon, and it is simple to make when you have access to the ingredients. Irish shellfish is in excellent condition at this time of year and this would make a dramatic centrepiece for a special occasion - and of course the quantities are flexible.
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Chocs Away for Valentine's Day

Dunbrody Kiss
Chocolate and St Valentine's Day are pretty well synonymous at this stage - not just a treat, chocolate is perhaps the most romantic gift after red roses. Although the basic combination of high quality chocolate, fat and sugar is undoubtedly pretty pleasurable to most people, the huge popularity of chocolates for Valentine's Day might all be put down to clever marketing - except that chocolate does actually contain phenylethylamine, the naturally occurring chemical in the human brain responsible for the euphoric feelings associated with being in love. So, if it's true after all, we might as well discard all those nasty guilt feelings for the day at least, and enjoy…
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Smoked Haddock Fish Cakes

Smoked Haddock Fishcakes
You could use a mixture of fish for this recipe, or you could just use one variety, and increase the quantity. Don’t over-process the fish cake mixture, as it’s nice to see chunks of fish when you cut the fish cake open. If you are going to make a parsley sauce, reserve the poaching liquid from the fish and use instead of some of the milk.
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Carrot and Sea Spaghetti Salad

Carrot and Sea Spaghetti Salad
In this salad, contributed by artist and teacher, Diane Roemer, willowy sea spaghetti and delicate carrot strips combine with a sweet garlicky dressing to create a salad as delightful to look at as it is to eat. “Easy to prepare, it never fails to delight even first time seaweed tasters.”
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