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Mary's Boiled Fruit Cake / Stuffed Mushroom Parcels / Bean & Salmon Lunch Bowl Salad / Mushroom

Boiled Fruit Cake
There's been a lot of talk about 'food tourism' lately but, as with 'gastropubs', giving something a trendy modern name doesn't make it new. The best inns have been providing good food for centuries and, certainly since (constructively critical) continental visitors followed in the wake of President de Gaulle's 1960s visit to Cashel House in Connemara, discerning visitors have been coming to Ireland for good food, both on the plate and in the wild - and especially at our country houses.
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FAMILY FARE - Balsamic braised beef with roast carrot and white beans / Apple & Blackberry Fool / Blackberries

Braised Beef
Although the demand for convenience or 'quick to cook' food is now up to 68%, an increase of 12% in the last four years, research undertaken by Bord Bia is beginning to indicate an increase of families eating together - 63% on weekdays, 65% on Saturdays and 74% on Sundays, whether it be in or out of home. Making the choice to eat healthier food has also increased and the top three requirements are foods that are 'natural, high in fibre and limiting fast food intake'. 'Low in fat', was fourth in this list - an interesting result that could show increased awareness of the fact that fat is needed in cooking, for both succulence and flavour.
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EASTERN FEASTS - Blackberry and Buttermilk Tart / White Bean & Barley Salad with Beetroot & Yoghurt Dressing / Walnuts

Blackberry & Buttermilk Tart
'Feasts' (Mitchell Beazley, stg£20), a delightful new cookery book on the food of central and eastern Europe, has arrived on my desk and, given the number of people now living in Ireland who are native to those regions and - perhaps more surprisingly - the amount of ingredients that we share, it should find a niche here.
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Spicy Lamb Jalfrezi / Belle Isle Blackberry Mousse / Garam Masala

Lamb Jalfrezi
Diwali, the five-day Indian Festival of Lights, begins today. This special celebration of togetherness marks the start of the Hindu New Year and is one of the largest festivals of its kind in India and amongst Indian people all over the world. The word Diwali means 'Group of Light' and it takes place in autumn each year for five days. Lights play a very important part in all Diwali celebrations and, just like our Hallowe'en, fireworks are often used, symbolising the victory of divine forces over evil.
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HALLOWE'EN - Oaty Cider Brack / Sausages with Quick Barbecue Sauce / Kale

There is something about Hallowe'en that brings out the traditional in us - maybe it's because there are so many traditions associated with it (and not just way back in the past either), or that there's such a sense of the changing seasons. The fact that schools are on half term might have something to do with it too - there's certainly more time to be messing around in the kitchen rustling up big batches of colcannon and all those other old-fashioned treats.
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