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THINK ORGANIC - Baked Potatoes & Pork - Green Frittata with Spinach Salad - Organic Foods

Baked Potato with Pork
This Monday (Nov 06) marks the beginning of National Organic Week - well officially, anyway; unofficially the first event seems to be today, when a new range of organic beef, Omega, is being launched at the beautifully converted Red Stables at St Anne's Park, Raheny, Dublin; food markets are now held there on Saturdays and this would be an ideal opportunity to have a look around.
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FÉILE BIA - Ballymore Inn Lemon Tart / Lamb Pizza with Yoghurt and Mint / Yoghurt

Ballymore Inn Lemon Tart
We all want to know where our food is coming from - the reasons why we need this information are increasing all the time, and now include issues that may not have seemed important until recently, such as food miles and genetically modified seeds; but, in view of scares such as BSE and worry about meat and poultry imports from countries without credible quality control systems, the most urgent concern remains the question of food safety.
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CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN - Beef Casserole with Cranberries and Port / Chestnut and chocolate cake / Chestnuts

Chestnut Cake
The Christmas countdown is well and truly ticking now, so a few gift suggestions and dishes to cook ahead for entertaining over the holiday period may be welcome.
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Warm Cashel mussels with garlic, tomato and chilli / Peach and Strawberry Parfait / Mussels

Cashel mussels
Like many other concerned consumers, I've been spending a lot of time reading the small print on labels recently - and finding that the information lurking there is often seriously depressing. Vacuum-packed crabmeat sold under a respected Dublin brand name, for example, seemed a very handy item to have in the fridge for quick summer salads and starters - until I noticed that the crab actually came from Peru. Is this madness or what?
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SUMMER BBQ - Barbecued Lamb Cutlets / Warm Potato Salad / Aubergine Stacks with Goats Cheese / Garlic

Barbecued Lamb Cutlets
Even if you aren't actually on holiday there's something about August that gives it has a unique holiday atmosphere - and, although there will be plenty of lovely days to look forward to in September, the end of the month officially marks the close of summer. So, before getting into the back-to-work mood, why not get out the barbie again this weekend and give it a serious lash.
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