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Duck spring rolls
With sweet chilli, soy & ginger dip 6.75

Tiger Prawns
Wrapped in filo pastry and served with a mango dip 6.75

Rocket and mixed baby leaf salad
Tossed in a balsamic dressing and served with cherry tomatoes and shavings of Desmond parmesan cheese GF 4.20

Spicy Chicken Wings
With barbeque sauce S (6) 6.95/ L (12)11.95

Garlic Bread 3.00
Garlic Bread topped with mozzarella cheese
Drizzled with basil pesto oil 3.95

Soup of The Day
With fresh “Cherry Blosson Bakery” brown bread 4.20

Warm Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad
With caesar dressing, croutons, bacon, shavings of Desmond Parmesan cheese and basil pesto V/*GF S 6.95/L 10.80


Succulent McHale’s Butchers Sirloin Steak
With hand cut fries, sautéed onions, mushrooms and a choice of pink peppercorn sauce or garlic and chive butter
8 oz 17.95
10 oz 21.00

Crispy beer batter “Bassa” (White Fish)
With mushy peas, hand cut fries and homemade tartare sauce 13.00

Breaded scampi
With tossed salad, coleslaw, hand cut fries and homemade, tartare sauce 12.50

Kellys of Newport Pork, Carrowholly cheese and onion sausages
With mashed potatoes, sautéed onions and a red wine jus 13.50

Penne Napolitana with warm Cajun chicken
Tossed in a tomoato, basil and oregano sauce and drizzled with basil pesto and shavings of Desmond parmesan cheese 12.20

Bar One’s best kept secret - Homemade Spicy Chicken and Bacon Wrap
Warm tortilla wrap with chicken and bacon coated in secret spices with lettuce and sweet chilli mayonnaise
Served with tossed salad, coleslaw and hand cut fries 10.95

Homemade Vegetarian Lasagne
With tossed salad, coleslaw and hand cut fries V 11.30

(insert name of region) Curry
Served with Basmati Rice
Chicken option 12.80
Vegetarian option with (peppers, mushrooms, aubergines, courgettes, carrots and chick peas) 11.30

Mains Special
Please ask your server or check out our daily Specials Board

All burgers are made with the finest ground Irish beef supplied by McHales Butchers and served in a floury bap with tossed salad, coleslaw and hand cut fries

Choose from the following:

The Bar One Classic
Our classic Irish beef burger topped with bacon and Carrowholly cheese 11.95

The Texan
Our classic Irish beef burger topped with mozzarella cheese and B.B.Q. Sauce 11.95

The Mountaineer
Our classic Irish beef burger topped with swiss cheese and Ballymaloe Relish 11.95

Indian Spice
Our classic Irish beef burger topped with red onion, rocket and tikka mayonnaise 11.95

The Big Blue
Our classic Irish beef burger topped with melting Cashel blue cheese 11.95


The Classics

Plain Jane
Tomato sauce, (insert name of Irish mozzarella) mozzarella cheese V 10.20

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, (insert name of ham) ham, pineapple, tomato and mushrooms 12.70

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Sli Eile chicken, (insert name of bacon) bacon, tomato and onion 13.20

House creations

The West’s awake
Tomato sauce, Carrowholly Cheese, McGeogh air dried lamb, rocket and Desmond parmesan cheese 13.20

Mayo’s pride
Tomato sauce, Irish goat’s cheese, Kelly’s award winning black pudding and red onion relish 13.20

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, cajun chicken, onions, peppers, sweet corn and rocket 13.20

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, (insert name of bacon) bacon, pepperoni and jalapeno peppers 12.70

Central Park
Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Serrano ham, black olives, rocket and Desmond parmesan cheese 12.70

Big Yellow Taxi
Tomato Sauce, mozzarella cheese, (insert name of brie) cheese, rocket, sweet corn, peppers, onions, mushrooms and black olives V 13.70

Make your own – The Classic as the base …

Vegetable Toppings - (Insert name of brie) Brie, (insert name of goat’s cheese) goat’s cheese, jalapeno peppers, pineapple, mushrooms, black olives, onion, red onion, peppers, sweet corn, anchovies, tomato, rocket leaves 0.50 per topping
Meat Toppings - Cajun chicken, Sli Eile chicken, tikka chicken, pepperoni, (insert name of bacon) bacon, (insert name of ham) ham, serrano ham, McGeogh’s air dried lamb, Kelly’s award winning black pudding 1.00 per topping

Be sure to try some of our homemade chilli oil!!!


Baked Potato 1.50
Mashed Potato 1.95
Seasonal vegetables 2.60
Hand Cut fries 2.95
Coleslaw 1.80
Garlic Bread 3.00


Garlic Mayo /Sweet Chilli Mayo/Tikka Mayo/ Curry Sauce 0.50c

Please notify your server if you have any special dietary requirements.

Bar One is proud to support our local farmers, butchers and suppliers.

Mc Hales Family Butchers, Kelly’s Butchers of Newport, Star crest Seafoods, Country Fresh Vegetables, K & C Norton, Surdivals, Lundy Foods, Costello McDermott, Pallas Foods.
(insert name of additional suppliers e.g. Carrowholly etc)

GF – Gluten Free *GF – option without croutons/bun V – Vegetarian *V – option without bacon



Kir Royale
Champagne (bottle only)

Prosecco Vespaiolo Frizzante Italy gl 5.50 btl 27.50

Takún Reserva – House Wine - Sauvignon Blanc & Merlot Chile gl 4.80 btl 18.00

Bottle Beer - Miller/Corona/Heineken/Budweiser/Coors Light/Tiger/Bulmers 4.00

Non Alcoholic Erdinger/Becks 3.80

Draught Guinness/Smithwicks G 2.40/ P3.80

Draught Larger Heineken/Carlsberg/Budweiser/Coors Light/ Bulmers G 2.50/ P4.00

GF beers

Ginger Beers
Fior Uisce Tourmakedy Water
Herbal Teas
Ground Coffee
Licquer Coffees