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House Selections EUR Bottle / Glass

1. Berry’s House White (France 2003) Jean-Luc Terrier 18.50 4.80
Good structure with a powerful fruits

2. Sauvignon Blanc (Chile 2003) De Martino 18.50 4.80
Dry with subtle but unmistakeable new world fruits

3. Chardonnay (France 2004) Domaine de Castelnau 18.50 4.80
Lovely ripe fruit flavours with a creamy buttery texture

4. Pinot Grigio (Italy 2005) Cantina Produttori Termeno 22.50 5.75
Really crisp and Steely with plenty of fruit

5. Pinot Bianco (Italy. 2005) Cantina Produttori Termeno 25.00 6.50
Notes of pear and apple blossom, crisp dry finish

6. Chablis (France 2002) Danile-Etienne Defaix 33.00
Dry and fresh with notes of citrus fruits and nuts

7. Sancerre (France 2004) Dom Vacheron 32.00
A perfectly structured wine, elegant with a shaded bouquet

8. Pouilly Fume (France 2003) Les Cornet 29.50
Dry and crisp with a certain smoky flavour making it the ideal companion for fish dishes

9. Muscadet de Serve (France 2002) Dom Hersonniere 21.50
A dry, light medium bodied white, with green apple and peach fruit

10. Chateau Bonnet (France 2004) Entre-Deux-Mers 21.50
A full fruity crisp dry wine

11. Sauvignon Blanc (Chile 2003) Montes Reserve 21.50
Gooseberry with a splash of Vanilla

12. Sauvignon Blanc (N.Z. 2002) Lawson’s Dry Hill 27.50
Vibrant nose with exotic fruit aromas that flow on the palate

13. Chardonnay (Austr. 2001) Rosemount Estate 26.70
Jasmine freshness to the nose with apple fig and melon flavours

14. Riesling (Germany 2004)Dr Pauly Bergweiler 24.50
Peach and crunchy green apple flavours

15. Chardonnay (S.A. 2002) Drosty Hof 21.00
Delightful chardonnay, fruit, crisp, citrus character and a lovely dry finish

16. Vigne Nuove Rose (Italy 2003) Valle Realle 21.00 5.50
Dry, Strawberry Fruit, flowers and herbs

Half Bottles

Sancerre (France 2002) Domaine Vacheron 19.95

Sauvignon Blanc (Chile 2002) De Martino 9.50

Chateaux Bonnet (France 2001) Entre-Deux-Mers 12.95

House Selection EUR Bottle / Glass

17. Berry’s House Red (France 2003) Jean-Luc Terrier 18.50 4.80
Harmonious wine with berry taste

18. Cabernet Sauvignon(Chile 2003) De Martino 18.50 4.80
Full bodied, showing plenty of ripe red fruit taste

19. Syrah (France2001) Domaine de Castelnau 18.50 4.80
Smokey bacon, blackberry fruits and a peppery spicy finish

20.Vigne Nuove (Italy. 2004) Valle Realle 20.00 5.20
Spicy earthy aromas, pure medium bodied fruit

21. Rioja (Spain 2002) Marces de Caceres 24.00 6.50
Brilliant dark ruby colour. An elegant wine with a long balanced finish

22. Julienas (France 2002) Potel-Aviron Beaujolias 26.00
Fragrant bodied, intense dark berry stewed fruit aromas

23. Savigny Les Beaune (France 2000) Maison Nicolas Potel 49.00
Rich concentration of fruit, excellent body

24. Chateau Bel Air (France 2003) GFA de Peponcher 26.50
Robust but round and fruity texture, velvet tannins with ripe plummy fruit

25. Fleurie (France 2004) Henri de Villamont 29.50
Garnet coloured, peach and blackcurrant aroma with smooth palate

26. Chateauneuf de Pape(France 2001) Domaine Duclax 49.50
Good backbone, full in mouth with a fine bouquet and a generous finish

27. Montepuliciano D’Ab(Italy 2002) Valle Realle 28.50
Deep ruby colour, lovely ripeness of fruit

28. Merlot (S.A. 2004) Drosty Hof 21.00
A mouth filling Cape wine. 100% Merlot with a fine aromatic nose

29.Shiraz Hills of Gold (Austr. 2003) Rosemount Estate 26.70
Spiced aromas with a deep core of plummy, peppery fruit

30. Chateau Lamarche (France 2003) Bordeaux Superior 20.95
Deep in colour fruit heavy and rich

31. Merlot / C. Sauvignon(N.Z. 2003) Timara 19.10
The spicy vanilla flavour of the oak combines with fruit to produce a soft smooth wine

Half Bottles

Rioja (Spain 2002) Marces de Caceres 12.50

Cabernet Savignon (Chile 2004) De Martino 9.50

Syrah (France 2001) Croze Hermitage 15.95