Cava Bodega / Dinner Menu

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Cava Sample Dinner Menu

Platos Primeros (Starters)

Sopa de Mariscos €7
prawn & clam soup

Ensalada Verde €7
green salad with cucumber & roasted hazelnuts (v)
Pato Confitada €12

cured duck leg, slow roasted & served with
baby pototoes pan-fried in duck fat

Panceta y Compota de Manzana €11
warm cured bacon with apple & ginger compote,
walnuts & fresh mixed leaves

Plato de Quesos y Embutidos Ibericos €14
platter of spanish cheeses & cured meats served
with membrillo (serves two)

Plato de Quesos com Aceitunas €12
platter of olives & spanish cheeses with membrillo (v)
(serves two)

Plato de Montaditos €12
spanish toasts topped with goats cheese, salted cod, black
pudding, chorizo & roasted tomatoes (serves two)

Arroces (Spanish Rice Dishes)

Lubina con Arroz Negro €22.5
fillet of sea bass served with squid ink rice

Paella Marinera €22
spanish rice cooked in saffon with prawns,
mussles, clams, chicken, chorizo & peas

Paella Verduras €18
spanish rice cooked in saffron with peas,
seasonal roasted vegetables & tomato (v)

Arroz con Pollo €19
spanish rice cooked in saffron with chicken,
spinach & roast cherry tomato

Arroz al Forno €20
spanish rice cooked in saffron with chickpeas,
tomatoes, spanish black pudding & chorizo

Arroz con Cebolla Confitada €19
spanish rice cooked in saffron with caramelized
onion, clams, artichokes & manchego

Platos Principales (Main Course)

Manos de Cerdo con Lomo Iberiy Patatas €18
stuffed pig trotters with pan-fried baby potatoes,
cured spanish pork loin & fresh tomato sauce

Solomillo a la Plancha con Espinacas, Chorizo y Patatas €26
100z grilled sirloin steak marinated in garlic & pedro
ximenez served with chorizo, spinach & potatoes

Salmón a la Ribereña €24
organic salmon & cider sauce, served with wild
mushroom, spinach, mash potato & saffron aoili

Calabacin y Almendras €17
pan-fried courgettes & almonds dressed with lemon
& mint yogurt served with aubergine crisps (v)

Couscous de Verduras a la Moruna €15
moorish style couscous with almonds, sultanas,
pinenuts & seasonal roasted vegetables (v)

Pollo con Frutas Secas y Piñones €21
corn-fed baby chicken with dried fruits & pine nuts
served in a light tomato & cinnamon sauce

Lomo de Conejo Envuelto en Panceta €22
rabbit saddle stuffed with prune preserve & wrapped in pancetta,
served on a bed of a puy lentils, roasted tomatoes & mixed cress

Lomo de Venado €29
wild venison loin with truffle mash, root vegetable
& almond purée, served with pedro ximenez

Vieiras envuelto en Jamón Iberico con una Ensalada €26
hand picked french scallops wrapped in Iberican ham,
served with fresh figs and walnut salad

Faisán y Setas con Cebada €25
pan-fried breast & confited leg of west Clare pheasant,
served on a bed of wild mushrooms & barley, scented
with cinnamon & star anise

Tortilla de Patatas, Alcachofas y Pimentos de Piquillo €18
spanish potato omelette with artichoke & piquillo peppers,
served with honey & sherry vinegar roasted vegetables
& saffron aoili (v)