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Cure It
Bloody Mary

The perfect cure – our own 13 ingredient recipe wont leave you hungover


Tall Rock Glass
2 smirnoff blue
.74 woresctecer sauce
2D tanasco
0.5 lemon
1D tio pepe
1D red wine
2 pinch salt and pepper
1bs horseradish
3 tomato juice

shake gently
serve with cut celery on angle dipped in pepper and sal with cherry tomato on prism stick on celery at drink level.

Bloody Mary Alternatives:

This hangover cure became famous so quickly some people recommend it instead of lunch. A good anount of vodka and beef bouillon, a dash of lemon juice, a pinch of celery salt and black pepper with tabasco and worcestershire providing the punch

Bloody Bull
This is a combination of the bloodty mary and the Bullshot, and is said to be better than the two used singly.

Espresso Martini
This stimulating blend of Smirnoff Blue, Kaluha shaken together vigorously with a shot of espresso and a touch of gomme. A fantastic slap and shake of a drink if you like coffee. Trust me.
Martini glass
1.5 smirnoff blue
0.5 kahlua
1 espresso
0.25 gomme
shake and double strain.
Serve with 3 coffee beans

Polish Cowgirl
Zubrowka bison gras lemon grass vodka, and krupnik honey vodka shaken vigorously with mint and sugar.
Martini glass
1 wyborowa
1 zubrowka
1 krupnik
1 fresh apple juice
7 very fresh mint leaves
stir and serve

Choice og Gin or Vodka served with olive or a twist.
Or try a gorgeous Chocolate, Strawberry or Apple martini.

Chocolate Martini:
martini glass,
1.5 Smirnoff Blue,
1 mozart dark
0.25 crème de menthe
Stir and serve

Strawberry Martini
1.5 smirnoff blue
0.5 crème de fraise
0.5 gomme
4D orange bitters
1 cranberry juice
Muddle, shake and strain. Sertvbe with split strawberry on the rim.

Fresh Apple Martini
Large martini glass
1.5 grey goose
10ml martini bianco
10ml sugar syrup
½ green apple
15ml apple liquer
0.5 gomme
cross cut apple and put into a boston glass with sugar and muddle hard, adf vodka, martini, apple liquer, bitters and shake hard. Double starin ands serve with an apple slice fan.

Love It
Brand Alexander:
Martel Reserve brandy, cacao and cream, so wintery, you can feel the wood log fire.
Martini glass
1.25 Brandy
0.75 mozart dark
0.r mozart white
3 H&H
Shake, strain, sieve and serve with a sprinkle of nutmeg

Manhattan (dry, sweet or perfect)
For that larger than life experience. Bulliet Bourbon swirled to perfection with sweet or extra dry vermouth and bitters.

Manhattan dry
Martini glass
2 bulliet bourbon
1 noilly pratt
3D angostura
stir and starin
serve with twisted lemon zest

Manhattan perfect
Martini glass
2 bulliet bourbon
0.5 noilly pratt
0.5 martini rosso
3D angostura
stir and starin
serve with twisted lemon zest and cherry on a prim stick

Manhattan sweet
Martini glass
2 bulliet bourbon
1 martini rosso
3D angostura
stir and starin
serve with cherry on a prim stick

Wyborowa Lemon Vodka shaken with l.ime, cranberry juice served straight up with flaming orange zest.

Martini Glass
1.25 citron vodka
0.75 cointreau
2D orange bitters
0.5 lime
2 cranberrry juice
shake, sieve, strain and serve with flamed orange

Mango Capirinha (original or other fruit avalablke)
Sweet blend of fresh mango, smashed limes, churned with suagr cane syrup and a generous measure of Cachaca over crushed ice

Hurricane glass
1.5 peresunga 51
0.5 crème de apricot
0.5 mango syrup
1 fresh orange juice
0.75 lime juice
3D peach bitters

blended, topped up with ice served with 3 blue berries sitting on top ice and pineapple leaf.

Love It with Bubbles
Organic White peach and elderflower bellini
Beautiful fruit complimented with elderflower to make a modern twist on aclassic drink. Heavenly.
2 peach puree
0.25 crème de peche
1/3 fresh peach
0.25 elderflower cordial
top champagne
build ingredients in boston tin then add champagne.

Ely chamnpagne punch
An ely house concoction. Martell Reserve brandy and Myers rum complimented with opineapple and bitters, crowned with champagne.

1.5 myres
0.5 martel reserve
0.5 crème d’orange
1 bs maraschino liquer
1 lemon juice
1 gomme
1pineapple juice
1 pineapple puree
top champagne
shake and top with champagne. Serve with pineapple leaf and mint sprig.

Ely pleasure
Delectable fresh strawberrys muddled with passionfruit syrup, orange bitters and Smirnoff blue vodka touched with bubbly.

S martini
1 smirnoff blue
0.75 passion fruit syrup
1 -2 fresh strawberries
4D orange bitters
top cnampagne
muddle stawberries and passion fruit syrup, bitters and vodka. Shake and double strain, top with champagne and serve with strawberry fan