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Small/ Large

Roast pork with apple and sichuan relish €10.95

Celeriac, butternut squash & wild mushroom roulade, tomato sauce & parsnips crisps €9.75

Roast chicken breast, wrapped in prosciutto with sage, parmesan potatoes, green beans, mustard cream €10.95

Salmon fish cakes, créme fraiche tartare, salad €7.95/€10.50

Organic Irish beef burger, crispy onion rings paprika aiolï and house cut potato chios €10.95

Fish of the day fresh from the market €13.50

Chargrilled 10oz sirloin steak, seasonal veg, housecut potato chips €19.50


Lunch Deal - €9.75

Soup of the Day


Choice of sandwich


Choice of tea, coffee or soft drink



Freshly squeezed orange juice €2.50
Coffee €1.80
Cappucino €2.20
Espresso €1.95
Tea €1.80
Herbal tea €1.80
Minerals €2.10
Sparkling water 500 cl €3.00
Glass of red or white wine €4.35
Glass of dessert wine €5.95
Glass of Port €5.50
Glass of sparkling wine €6.00
Heineken (330 ml) €4.20
Kronenbourg 1664 (330 ml) €4.20