Huntsman Inn, The / Breakfast Menu

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Something light

fresh orange juice €1.95

fresh fruit plate €3.50

selection of cereals €1.75

porridge €1.75

homemade scones served with jam & cream €1.75

croissant €1.75

homemade muffins €1.75

huntsman brown bread €1.75

Something hot

sausage or bacon buttie €4.50

poached eggs with bacon €6.50

omelette €6.50
choose from cheese, tomato, mushroom or ham with toast

mini huntsman breakfast €6.50
1 fried egg, 1 grilled rasher 2 grilled sausages, grilled tomato, mushrooms, pudding served with toast, tea or coffee

the full huntsman breakfast €8.50
2 fried eggs, 2 grilled rashers 2 grilled sausages, mushrooms, pudding served with toast, tea or coffee


espresso with smooth, silky textured milk

espresso with steamed milk

espresso with lashings of chocolate and milk

a double shot of espresso

espresso topped with a dollop of fresh milk

a rich black coffee made by combining espresso and hot water

vanilla latte
a latte flavoured with vanilla syrup

caramel machiatto
a latte with vanilla syrup, topped with froth and drizzled with caramel sauce

hazelnut americano
a black coffee with a shot of hazelnut syrup

mint mocha
a mocca with a shot of mint syrup

coco mocha
a mocca with a dash of coconut syrup and sprinkles of real coconut

banana blanco
the luxury of a white mocha with a hint of banana

The best things come to those who wait...
all our food is cooked to order, but we're sure you'll find it worth while.