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Sample Á la Carte

Half Dozen Oysters on half shell w/ shallot vinaigrette or grilled Rockefeller   12.95

Char-grilled Sardines w/ seared tomato and basil   10.95

Caprese Salad w/ buffalo mozzarella, home dried plum tomatoes, pesto, balsamic   9.95

Char-grilled Italian Sausage Amatriciana w/ gnocchi   11.95

Town Bar and Grill Antipasti Plate 10.95/16.95

Chilled Seafood Antipasti plate (to share)   19.95

Pan Fried Crab Claws w/ white wine, lemon and garlic bruschetta   13.95

Parma Ham w/ melon, strawberry, rocket and balsamic   14.95

Mussel and Smoked White Fish Chowder   9.95

Pan-fried Lamb Kidney Bruschetta w/ whole grain and sherry   12.95


Linguine w/ clams, white wine, parsley and garlic   12.95/22.95

Cannelloni al Forno w/ beef, sun dried tomatoes and basil pesto   22.95

Roast Flat Mushroom Risotto w/ prosciutto, parmesan and white truffle oil   22.95

Italian Seafood Casserole-Zuppa di Pesce w/ clams, chorizo and red pepper   26.95


Pan Fried Wild Turbot Fillet w/white wine, broad beans, surf clams and fondant potato   35.95

Seared King Scallops w/ chorizo and red pepper risotto, asparagus, and salsa verde   32.95

Seared Yellow Fin Tuna w/ stuffed globe artichoke,basil pesto nicoise salad   24.95

Grilled Proscuitto-wrapped Corn-fed Chicken w/creamed corn, glazed shallot, spinach   22.95

Roast Stuffed Loin of Lamb w/ feta and black olive, sweet roast peppers, salsa verde   27.95

Char-grilled 12 oz Irish Rib-eye Steak w/sage and mustard mash, greens and herb butter   27.95

Char-grilled 8oz Fillet of Beef w/ mushroom, red onion, tomato, fries and bearnaise    30.95

Pan Fried Veal Parmesan w/ grilled stuffed aubergine, fondant potatoes, tomato, capers   24.95

Now open on Sunday - Lunch from 12 o’clock. Dinner from 5 o’clock with live jazz.

Service is not included except on parties of 5 or more where a 10% service will apply.

All dishes can be modified to suit light or non-carbohydrate preferences. Please ask your server.