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This website is borne out of our guidebook "Georgina Campbell's Ireland for Garden Lovers" which was the result of a unique partnership between an experienced garden writer, Marianne Heron, and our own team who have been travelling the length and breadth of Ireland in search of the most agreeable places to stay and the finest food on an annual basis for over two decades.

The Georgina Campbell's Ireland hospitality guides generally cover a wide range of categories, but we have always found that the long days of journeying have been eased by finding - and spending as much time as possible at - the kind of lovely leafy havens that we have selected for this book and website.

Ireland, like much of the western world, is fast becoming an urban society and we feel certain that a growing number of people living in the larger towns and cities feel the need to escape from a world of concrete and (if you are lucky), small gardens and balconies to another place, where space, serenity and natural beauty can recharge body and soothe the soul.

We hope that this website will lead you to many wonderful places, and that you will enjoy reading and using it as much as we have enjoyed creating it - and, as everything to do with gardens is very much a work in progress, we welcome any comments you may wish to make that would help us to improve on it.

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