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There are many golf tours of Ireland to choose from these days but, although  they can be very useful, the more adventurous discerning traveller will enjoy the challenge of planning and booking a unique golfing itinerary in Ireland – and, not only will this add some spice to the trip, but it can also  save you thousands. 

If you are planning a golfing tour of Ireland we recommend that, in conjunction with this site – which you should fine highly informative – you use our published guide book, Georgina Campbell's Ireland for Gourmet Golfers. This pocket book is crammed full of useful information and is co-authored by leading Irish golf correspondent Dermot Gilleece.
By combining the experience of two leading specialist writers, we offer a unique independent view which will enhance every aspect of your golfing tour - enabling you to plan with equal confidence the courses you will play, and the places where you will choose to relax.

This guide will not only enable you to pick with ease the best courses to play, the most comfortable accommodation and the finest restaurants, but our suggested itinerary takes in the whole of Ireland presented in manageable areas to assist when planning trips of any length. These include suggested 'Base Towns' that offer a variety of hospitality and many other things to do - including outings for rest days, or for the non-golfers in your party.

With a copy of Georgina Campbell's Ireland for Gourmet Golfers to hand, you will gain the confidence to plan a golfing trip in Ireland as if you already knew it well!


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