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“Romantic... adj. suggestive of or given to romance, imaginative, visionary, fantastic... preferring grandeur or picturesqueness or passion or irregular beauty to finish or proportion...

(Oxford English Dictionary)

Welcome to Georgina Campbell’s Ireland... for Romantic Weddings & Honeymoons. This site aims to meet the needs of the growing number of discerning couples who are determined to seek out those really special venues with romantic surroundings, which will add a magical extra dimension to their big day.

Ireland is a wonderfully romantic country for your wedding or honeymoon and, although it has changed a great deal in recent years and is now a vibrant modern country with a thriving (some would say rampant) economy, its natural beauty is unrivalled and many areas remain unspoilt, especially along the dramatic and incredibly romantic western seaboard. The Celtic experience is deeply meaningful to many people all around the world, and Ireland not only offers a unique setting for one of the most spiritual events in your life, but also makes a wonderful honeymoon destination.

As in all of our guides and websites, recommendations on this site are made on merit alone, which is based entirely on independent assessment.

Many of our selections offer exceptional food and most are beautifully situated – often in areas of outstanding natural beauty: a perfect combination for both romantic weddings and honeymoons.

Like our other guides, Romantic Weddings & Honeymoons caters for discerning people on all budgets - our wedding venues and honeymoon destinations have all been selected to include the best of every type of establishment, from castles to cottages, with correspondingly varied price ranges.

We have given as much detail as possible in each entry to help you select the perfect venue for your big day, but prices can be deceptive, so don’t be put off by an alarmingly high venue hire charge, for example, as it could actually turn out to be good value in comparison with a superficially attractive price which is compromised by a long list of extras. Get out your calculator and work out the real cost per head before dismissing an otherwise attractive venue that appears to be beyond your budget, as you might be pleasantly surprised.

It should also be remembered that many venues are flexible about pricing, and may be willing to digress from wedding ‘packages’ - especially midweek and/or off season - so it is always worth seeing if a bargain can be struck. We suggest that you use our recommendations to make a shortlist of perhaps half a dozen venues, which you should then approach directly and make your final selection based on how well each responds to your particular requirements.

Ireland would be hard to better as a honeymoon destination, and our recommendations include many of the listed wedding venues as well as a range of establishments that don’t do weddings but would be perfect for your honeymoon - and, here again, we suggest very varied destinations to please lovers of luxury and also those who crave a return to the simplicity of rural Ireland.

For many, a tour of some sort will be an attractive idea, and so it is if you want to enjoy to the full the extraordinary variety that this little island offers - but we recommend no less than two or three nights’ stay in any one place, or exhaustion will quickly take over. We also suggest that you buy a good map (Ordnance Survey).

Finally, it remains only for me to wish you well in your search for the perfect wedding or honeymoon venue - and every happiness in your life together.

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