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Ballymaloe House, Shanagarry, Co Cork

Good House Keeping Award 2012 - Ballymaloe House - Shanagarry, Co Cork, IrelandAlmost three years into the recession, the budgetary pressures that establishments are experiencing is really beginning to show on premises of all types and sizes, with lack of maintenance and refurbishment, and simply sloppy housekeeping, letting the side down. Scuffed paintwork and torn wallpaper mar formerly smart corridors, cracked tiles and mildew spoil trendy bathrooms, where things often don’t work because the plumbing is more stylish than functional; in one B&B (not recommended!) we even found an old pair of socks languishing in a layer of dust under the bed. And just don’t start me on tatty menus and sticky tables. A national action plan is definitely needed when it comes to routine maintenance and housekeeping.

So, how wonderful it is to visit those places – and there are many - where all is pristine and welcoming. One of our most enjoyable stays this year was (surprise, surprise) in East Cork.

As usual, we noted with pleasure the low key comfort of our room – nothing flashy, simply furnished with exactly the right amount of furniture in exactly the right place for all our needs, well placed lighting, timeless bathroom fittings, everything immaculately clean and maintained.

On checking out, I remarked on the soothing simplicity of the room and, especially, the beautiful curtains. “Ah yes,” said Hazel with a smile, “They are lovely aren’t they – it’s a Sybil Connolly design from about forty years ago; we bought the fabric when the contents of her house were sold, so they’re doing pretty well.” That means they’ve been up for well over twenty years - probably re-lined at some stage, but in perfect condition..”  That says a great deal about housekeeping at Ballymaloe House!

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Ballymaloe House Hotel

Shanagarry, Co. Cork
Country House / Hotel / Restaurant
4 euro For Cooking & Service Well Above Average A selection of establishments outside the standard categories that should enhance the discerning travellers experience of Ireland Has Good Hotel Guide Url Denotes genuine Irish food culture, ie special Irish food products/companies/producers, and highlights the best places to shop for regional and artisan foods; the selection excludes obvious 'non-Irish' elements regardless of quality, eg ethnic restaurants and specialists in coffee, wine and other drinks, unless relevant to local production or history. Eat & Stay establishments are chosen for their commitment to showcasing local produce and Irish hospitality. Highly Recommended as a Special Place to Stay Previous Georgina Campbell Guides Award Winner The "Best of the Best" - Only the very best establishments across various categories have been chosen for this accolade
Ireland’s most famous country house, Ballymaloe was one of the first to open its doors to guests when Myrtle and her husband, the late Ivan Allen, opened The Yeats Room restaurant in 1964. Accommodation followed in 1967 and since then a unique n ...

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