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Brave New Restaurants - 10 of the Best

Éan Bakery, Restaurant & Wine Bar
It is never easy opening a new business, and extraordinary to see them popping up bravely in a pandemic.
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Delivering the Goods - 10 of the Best Speciality Grocery Stores offering Collection & Delivery Services

Avoca Veg
Ireland is fortunate to have some outstanding speciality food and grocery stores and, for many discerning shoppers, the quality and service that they provide is making a big difference during this ‘stay at home’ time with its many restrictions - and extra cooking. And, as well as good quality basic necessities, these wonderful stores sell plenty of the fun stuff too!
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Ireland's Most Exciting New Restaurants - 10 of the Best

No 14 The Georgian House
Quality informal dining may still be on the rise, but fine dining is far from dead - and, while different, the new fine dining is finding a ready niche. Many of the most exciting new Irish openings are small - perhaps less than two dozen covers - the USP for several is fire pit cooking, and all have warmth teamed with professionalism and a strong sense of place. Here are just ten recent openings from around the country that have quickly claimed ‘must-visit’ status - a meal at any of them is sure to make a lasting impression.
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Ballyvolane House
Georgina Campbell suggests some interesting destinations for an off-season break at this time of plenty. These are just a few of the places where nature's bounty is celebrated in wonderful ways: foraging expeditions, cookery courses and, of course, delicious seasonal meals that make the most of the harvest - often with a special focus on vegetarian cooking
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Ballymaloe Breakfast
The promise of a good breakfast is often the clinching factor when deciding where to book for a short break - and quite right too, as going the extra mile with breakfast tells you a great deal about a place and the way it is run. It’s something that we at the Guide feel strongly enough about to make it the focus of a new standalone awards initiative, and the ‘Georgina Campbell Irish Breakfast Awards 2017- In Association with Failte Ireland’ were hosted recently by Dublin’s InterContinental Hotel - a Five Star that’s no slouch itself when it comes to providing a good breakfast.
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