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An Port Mor - Westport Co Mayo

Newcomer of the YearGiven the year that’s in it, it’s especially encouraging to find that there are still talented and committed people prepared to start up new enterprises. One such is Euro-Toques chef Frankie Mallon, who is well known in Westport, where he was head chef at Cronin’s Sheebeen for some years.

Now he is master of his own ship, so to speak, and, although only open since May, is delighting customers with his sound, no nonsense cooking, and carving out quite a reputation for his new venture, An Port Mór. [The name has a nice west of Ireland ring to it but it’s actually named after Portmór House in his home town of Blackwatertown, in Co Armagh - not a lot of people know this, but it’s pleasingly familiar place to us, from our Taste of the Waterways Guide (published annually in association with Waterways Ireland).]

Anyway, this relaxed and can-do proprietor-chef’s new baby is a hit with guests who love the atmosphere, the local staff who know all about the food producers featured on the menu – and, of course, his excellent food, especially the emphasis on fresh fish.

A great addition to the dining options in this lovely town, An Port Mór looks set for success.

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An Port Mor

Westport, Co. Mayo
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Not a lot of people know this, but An Port Mor is named after Portmor House in Blackwatertown, Co Armagh, which is proprietor-chef Frankie Mallon’s home town – a pleasingly familiar place to us, from researching our Taste of the Waterways G ...

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