What do people enjoy most about visiting Ireland?

Scenic Ireland

Fáilte Ireland’s recently published Key Overseas Visitor Survey makes interesting reading - 5,700 holidaymakers were asked: why do visitors come to Ireland - and do they enjoy their stay here?

The essentials have not changed as much as we might think apparently as the reasons cited and levels of satisfaction were firstly beautiful scenery (89%); closely followed by friendly and hospitable people (87%).

Visitors see Ireland as safe and secure (80%) and the unspoilt environment (79% satisfaction) remains a major draw – and, with nature, wildlife and flora also very important (77%), protecting it must clearly be given priority. Other high points for visitors are the easy, relaxed pace of life (77%) – something which many residents felt was under threat during the Celtic Tiger years, and now seems to be returning - interesting history and culture (74%) and a good range of natural attractions (76%).  

Almost all (98%) of visitors would recommend Ireland as a destination, with most (83%) saying they would do so unreservedly. However, while there was widespread satisfaction with tourism accommodation and services, the general cost of living received the highest level of spontaneous mention (22%) as a disadvantage. Thankfully this is now reducing in post-Tiger Ireland.

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