Asian Tea House Restaurant, Galway

Asian Tea House Restaurant, Galway

There has been an ‘Ethnic Restaurant’ category in our awards since their inception in the early ‘90s. Originally interpreted as ‘oriental’, it now reflects the diversity of dining experience in contemporary Ireland to include all restaurants that truly represent any specific culture or cultures.

The prized Fen Huang Dan Cong and eight ‘Blossom Teas’ made with Silver Needle Green Tea and various flower combinations are among the exotic specialities offered by Terry Commons and Alan Wong at their relaxed restaurant in Galway city.

Loosely based on the ancient Chinese Tea House concept (a café centred around tea drinking), it offers something different in a city that is very well provided with interesting restaurants, and has earned a following of discerning customers who appreciate the quality as well as the good value offered.

There’s a tiny bar/reception area and exceptional attention to detail shows everywhere; whether for a quiet lunch or a more convivial evening meal, the same understated welcome comes with complimentary Jasmine tea and charming service.

Quite lengthy menus, representative of Malay, Vietnam, Thai, Japan and China, feature a large range of dishes, which are all MSG free and based mainly on locally sourced ingredients.

All dishes are cooked to order - and diners are encouraged to “put aside rigid table manners and improvise with hands, spoons, forks and chopsticks - and slurping noodles is good!”

As well as offering a choice of ten specialist China teas, an extensive drinks menu includes coffees, juices and beers plus a short wine list and a limited choice of spirits and liqueurs. Now better than ever, this is an original place to enjoy a unique dining experience and its success is well deserved.

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Asian Tea House Restaurant

Galway City, Co. Galway
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This appealing Pan Asian restaurant in Galway city centre is loosely based on the ancient Chinese Tea House concept (a café centred around tea drinking) and decorated with furnishings from Asia, Cambodia and Thailand. More sophisticated than mo ...

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