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Tony Frisby, Earl of Thomond Restaurant, Dromoland Castle, Co Clare

Tony Frisby, Earl of Thomond Restaurant, Dromoland Castle, Co Clare

Time after time, visitor satisfaction surveys tell us the same story about the things people love about Ireland - everyone loves the wonderful scenery and the warmth and friendliness of the people. While not the whole story - training also plays a major role - warmth and friendliness are of course the foundation of real hospitality, and essential characteristics in a good host and it is interesting to note the number of otherwise excellent hotels that fall short because of one single failing - lack of a host.

Not so The Earl of Thomond Restaurant at Dromoland Castle, where the legendary Tony Frisby has been Restaurant Manager?for over a quarter of a century - and he needn’t talk about retiring any time soon, because his long relationship with regular guests - and the castle itself - is the making of the exceptional dining experience that guests enjoy in this wonderful restaurant.

The understated link between the happy diners and Executive Head Chef David McCann’s terrific kitchen team, this gentle man misses nothing as he skilfully guides guests through the evening, helping them to make the happiest of choices and, through his warmth and discretion, ensuring that each person gets every last ounce of enjoyment from the superb food, great wines and special ambience of this unique restaurant.

We have many excellent young fron-of-house managers in Ireland - people who have the hospitality gene and will always make guests feel at ease and have the best possible time.

But it’s hard to beat the special contribution of a skilful host who knows the history, welcomes returning customers with genuine pleasure and enjoys the chat about old times - while also charming new customers and ensuring that they will soon be regulars too.

“A relaxed but elegant dining experience” is the promise at The Earl of Thomond - and Tony Frisby makes sure that’s just what every guest gets.


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Dromoland Castle Hotel

Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co. Clare
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For Cooking & Service Well Above Average Deluxe Accommodation Denotes genuine Irish food culture, ie special Irish food products/companies/producers, and highlights the best places to shop for regional and artisan foods; the selection excludes obvious 'non-Irish' elements regardless of quality, eg ethnic restaurants and specialists in coffee, wine and other drinks, unless relevant to local production or history. Eat & Stay establishments are chosen for their commitment to showcasing local produce and Irish hospitality. Outstanding Location, building or atmosphere Previous Georgina Campbell Guides Award Winner The "Best of the Best" - Only the very best establishments across various categories have been chosen for this accolade
The ancestral home of the O'Briens, barons of Inchiquin and direct descendants of Brian Boru, High King of Ireland, this is one of the few Irish estates tracing its history back to Gaelic royal families, and it is now one of Ireland's grandest hotels, ...

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