Pupp, Dublin 8

Pupp, Dublin 8

In Ireland we lag way behind our UK neighbours when it comes to pet friendliness; if you google an area in Britain looking for somewhere to stay, chances are that pet friendly options will pop straight up. Water bowls are put out at doorways and in bars wherever you go and dogs are genuinely welcome almost everywhere. We are making progress in Ireland though. While it is far from the norm, many establishments here have quietly welcomed dogs for years, and hopefully that number will grow as owners find that it attracts business to recognise that many people - especially travellers from Britain - see their pets as part of the family.

We often get inquiries from visitors taking in a day or two in Dublin, about pet friendly places to stay and go in the city. There are all too few, but when Dublin's first dog-friendly café was opened by Ella Wallace and Paul Froggatt early in 2016 that was a game changer, giving the lie to the many who argue that they can’t take dogs “because of ‘health and safety’ ”

Offering treats for pooches and simple food for their owners - also great coffee roasted by Nick's of Ranelagh - Pupp has proved a great success and, within months of opening, they expanded their seating capacity and their menu, and even started some evening pop ups.

Common sense has prevailed here, with a just a few simple health and safety ground rules applying: to ensure harmony for all, pets must be kept on leads, be housetrained and not annoy other customers.

So simple. In a city with very few places where dog owners can bring their pets, Pupp is a one off. But let’s hope it will be the start of a more sensible and accommodating attitude to where dogs are and are not allowed to accompany their people.

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