2017 Award Winners RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR 2017

Good Things @ Dillon's Corner, Skibbereen, Co Cork

Good Things @ Dillon's Corner, Skibbereen, Co Cork

Having earned a national reputation as a leader in the local food revolution at the small café and cookery school that she had run on the outskirts of Durrus village since 2003, Carmel Somers moved her business to Skibbereen late in 2015.

Here this exceptional chef, teacher and food writer (her book, “Eat Good Things Every Day”, is one to seek out), continues her philosophy of creating an experience for diners rather than just serving good food.

Carmel has long been recognised for doing more than any other chef in the region to promote local produce - which continues to be the case and her menus reflect this in a variety of ways.

Fresh, seasonal and, where possible, organic is the fundamental ethos at Good Things. The local producers who are hailed as heroes on the Good Things menus and website include many famous names in small scale Irish food production - and some less well known but equally important people such as the local butcher and fisherman, all providing spanking fresh ingredients to be cooked with authority and passion.

Many favourites, including the famous West Cork Fish Soup, have migrated from Durrus to the smart new premises in Skibbereen which, while also simple in tone, has all of the Carmel Somers hallmarks of style, creativity, comfort - and an exciting sense of anticipation.

The ground floor café is just the spot for a casual daytime bite of something simply special (and not only somewhere to drop into when doing a spot of shopping either - devotees drive for many miles for the pleasure of lunching here) while, upstairs, a long room is cleverly designed to comprise both cookery school and the evening restaurant that has become treat night out for the region’s lucky food lovers.

Simplicity and fresh flavours are the essence of the cooking style - it’s the kind of place where even the most demanding know they are in safe hands. A wonderful destination.

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