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Tony Davidson - Fisk Seafood Bar Downings Co Donegal

Fisk Seafood Bar Downings Co Donegal

With top Donegal producers and products - including Mulroy Bay mussels and Scarpello’s famous sourdough bread - name checked on the menu, there’s a real sense of locality at Tony Davidson and Lina Reppert’s atmospheric little seafood restaurant. And Fisk is very much its own place, so the beautiful seasonal local produce is showcased by Tony and his small team in a way that you won’t see anywhere else. But the Fisk experience is famously elusive. They don’t take bookings and, as there isn´t a phone - although you could try by email – you can’t even call and plead for a table. So get there early and be prepared to queue - no great hardship, as The Harbour Bar next door is delightful.

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Fisk Seafood Bar

Downings, Co. Donegal
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No reservations are accepted at Tony Davidson and Lina Reppert's miniscule seafood restaurant near Downings harbour - and there's no phone either, so you can't even call and plead for a table. So you just have to get there early and be prepared to que ...

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