Eithna's by the Sea, Mullaghmore, Co Sligo

Eithna's by the Sea

Although we eat less fish at home than might be expected for an island nation, everybody – whether living in Ireland or just visiting - seems to love seafood when eating out, so it’s an increasingly vibrant sector of the restaurant business.

Hungry diners revisiting Mullaghmore this summer were delighted to find that a familiar harbourside restaurant had been painted up - big and bold and blue and teeming with life, there was no doubt that a once favourite destination for seafood lovers had re-opened.

The popular chef behind this terrific restaurant had gone ‘back to school’ to complete a thesis on Seaweed As An Artisan Food Product, a fascinating subject which has not only inspired many deliciously practical applications on the menu here (a seaweed tasting plate is in the making for next season) but also a successful product range of pestos, made with local and seasonal land and sea vegetables, which are used in the kitchen - in breads and desserts, for example, and as accompaniments - and on sale.

And what a delightful place this is to enjoy the best of local seafood, cooked simply and skilfully - lobster is a speciality, while more affordable choices included grilled mackerel with seaweed pesto. Everything is delicious, including the freshly baked breads, superb organic leaves and beautiful salad dressing.

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