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Super Veg - Recipe for Asparagus with Poached Duck Egg - Recipe for Lamb Cutlets with New Potatoes - Mint

Veg - the greengrocer's cookbook by Gregg Wallace
Our family has always been big into vegetables - whenever we all go out to eat together, the most usual complaint is either that the restaurant is mean and/or unimaginative with the accompanying vegetables (something I've never been able to understand as they're the least expensive ingredients so you'd think chefs would be pleased to make the most of them)...
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Good Home Cooking - Italian Style - Minestrone Soup

There has been an exceptional range of really interesting food books published over the last six months or so, both in Ireland and abroad - and the big pile of cookbooks that built up before Christmas seems even more appealing now that there is more time to look at each one in detail and give it the attention it deserves.
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Game for a Treat - Pot Roast Venison in red wine

Pot Roast Venison in Red Wine
With the end of January already looming, anyone who relishes the increasingly rare opportunity to enjoy something genuinely seasonal will want to have a final fling with wild game before the curtain comes down for another winter. Game - which, from the culinary angle, could be defined as wild birds and animals that can be hunted legally but have a closed season to protect them when breeding - include a number of birds such as pheasant, grouse, woodcock, partridge and wild duck, and also animals which, in this country, would mainly mean deer.
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Shrove Tuesday is just around the corner so it's time to hunt out that pancake pan and check out your stocks of eggs and flour. It's easily forgotten these days, but that's what it was all about at one time - using up fresh ingredients which would otherwise be wasted during the Lenten fast.
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Grilled Scallops with Black and White Pudding, Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Scallops with Black and White Pudding
Perched at the far end of Howth harbour, with views across to Ireland's Eye and over Balscadden Bay (where you may be lucky enough to see a local lobster fisherman raising pots full of treats for your dinner), The King Sitric Fish Restaurant is one of Dublin's longest established fine dining restaurants, and one of surprisingly few to specialise in seafood.
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