Frankenstein Fingers and Sheeps' Eyes

Frankenstein FingersWhy not get the kids to “give you a hand” creating Frankenstein Fingers from baby carrots, using flaked almonds as finger nails and assembling them into a pot of slimy green guacamole. Sheep’s eyes are a doddle too, simply top the sliced carrots with a blob of sour cream and then sliced grapes or olives and arrange the eyes in pairs on a serving plate.

For a bit of Halloween fun, try these spooky ideas! They are quick and easy and get the kids eating veg too!

Frankenstein Fingers - Fill a small bowl with ready-made guacamole, hummus or other favourite dip. Take 5 small carrots and take a thin slice off the tip of each. Then use the knife to make a small incision at the base of this cut and push a flaked almond into the slot to look like finger nails! Arrange the carrots into the dip so they look like fingers. 

For the sheeps’ eyes, peel 4 carrots and thickly slice. Slice a few green stuffed olives and red grapes. Top each carrot slice with a blob of sour cream and the sliced grapes or olives. Arrange the eyes in pairs on a serving plate..

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