From Tide to Table by Georgina Campbell

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From Tide to Table

Ireland’s original ‘seafood bible’, this stylish and user-friendly book will help even the most reluctant of home cooks to feel comfortable cooking, and shopping for, fish and seafood. From nutritious easy-to-prepare family meals to delicious seafood dishes that are sure to impress, there are over 60 beautifully photographed recipes to suit every mood and occasion.

From Tide To Table will give you all the information you need to cook a wide variety of fish and seafood dishes - whilst also offering an insight into the range of fish and seafood available in Ireland and some of the dedicated people who bring quality seafood to our tables.

• Teach yourself happy with fish and seafood, with this seriously delicious ‘How To’ book!
• Complete user-friendly guide to buying, preparing and cooking the wide variety of fish and seafood caught or harvested in Irish waters
• Giving the lie to the idea that cooking fish is ‘tricky’, From Tide To Table gives home cooks the low-down on all the basic cooking methods, and the sauces, side dishes and accompaniments (including sea vegetables) that pair best with fish and seafood
• Dishes featured include ideas for every occasion - wonderful chowders, great classics like prawn cocktail and grilled sole on the bone, comfort food, family fare and gorgeous seafood party platters.
• Not just beautiful to look at, the recipes are also practical and easy to follow – an irresistible combination
• Although of special interest to Irish cooks, the range of species covered will be familiar in other territories, and the principles of preparation and cooking are universal
• High quality paperback with flaps, 208pp; original photography by Paul Sherwood

• BUY NOW Price: EUR20/stg18/$20; p&p free in Ireland (North and South)

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