2016 Award Winners HOST OF THE YEAR 2016

Declan Maxwell, Luna, Dublin 2

Declan Maxwell

Time after time, visitor satisfaction surveys tell us the same story about the things people love about Ireland - everyone loves the wonderful scenery and the warmth and friendliness of the people. While not the whole story - training plays a major role - warmth and friendliness are of course the foundation of real hospitality, and essential characteristics in a good host.

We’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of Ireland’s very best hosts at work this year. What a treat that is. Some of these outstanding individuals are, quite rightly, legendary figures in the folklore of Irish hospitality. Visitors who happen on them are very fortunate indeed - and we locals, who are lucky enough to be in the know, seek them out.

Declan Maxwell is one such legend, and the person we would like to honour especially this year. He will need little introduction to Irish diners - for years he tempted countless Southsiders to brave the Liffey crossing northways to bask in the warmth of one of Ireland’s very best restaurants, on Parnell Square, and his recent ‘retirement’ was a body blow to Dublin diners…but all was not lost, the hospitality gene won out - and, after the briefest of respites, he was back again and bringing ‘em in to Luna, a brand new opening south of the river - where he’s transitioned brilliantly into the world of less formal dining.

Anyone who wants to learn the secrets of service and hospitality would do well to observe the inimitable Declan Maxwell of Luna in action.


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