Inis Meain Restaurant & Suites Aran Islands Co Galway

Inis Meain Restaurant and Suites

This wonderful place on the most tranquil and least visited of the Aran Islands group has earned an international reputation as one of Ireland's most desirable destinations. Chef Ruairi de Blacam, a native of Inis Meáin, and his wife, Marie-Thérèse, offer a unique experience, serving beautifully simple food in a modern restaurant with a panoramic view of the island, sea and sky. Suites are designed to help guests discover the peace and quiet of the island, with fishing rods, bicycles and books instead of TV or a spa. An Inis Meáin Breakfast Box, HotPot Lunch, and Exploration Kit are delivered to each suite, so that guests have everything that is needed to make the most of their stay without decision making. In their own words: "Inis Meáin offers the best of Ireland in one easily explored island – unparalleled natural beauty, culture, and history in a living community." After a decade, the offering develops from year to hear but the philosophy remains unchanged: simply magic. 

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Inis Meáin Island Stays

Aran Islands, Co. Galway
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This wonderful place on the most tranquil and least visited of the Aran Islands group was our Newcomer of the Year in 2008, after it first opened as a restaurant with rooms in 2007, and it has since earned an international reputation as one of Irelan ...

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