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Warm Cashel mussels with garlic, tomato and chilli / Peach and Strawberry Parfait / Mussels

Cashel mussels
Like many other concerned consumers, I've been spending a lot of time reading the small print on labels recently - and finding that the information lurking there is often seriously depressing. Vacuum-packed crabmeat sold under a respected Dublin brand name, for example, seemed a very handy item to have in the fridge for quick summer salads and starters - until I noticed that the crab actually came from Peru. Is this madness or what?
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BBQ - Home made Beef Burgers with Spicy Red Pepper Salsa / Lime and Nectarine Salsa / Nectarines

The weather has been so kind this year that most families are well geared up for barbecues - and there's no better time than the August weekend to celebrate the holiday by dining out on the deck or patio, or maybe taking a portable barbecue to the beach. Buy best quality grilling and frying cuts like T-bone, sirloin or fillet steaks and lamb cutlets, for barbecuing - and, of course, jumbo butcher's sausages and home-made beef burgers are excellent barbecued, just make sure that they are well cooked and the juices run clear.
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Helvick Fish Pie, Butterbeans and Pear & Blue Cheese Salad

Helvick Fish Pie
The lengthening days are bringing the sense of a new season and, on a good day, you could easily find yourself thinking about favourite places and thoughts of taking a weekend in the country begin to surface … And the new season cookery school brochures are beginning to come in, with ideas that could give an extra dimension to a short break - one has just landed on my desk and, should you need any encouragement to head for lovely West Waterford, this could be it.
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Shellfish Soup and a dessert of Rhubarb & Orange Fool

Longueville Mussels and Pasta
The idea of spending a few days in the country begins to seem very attractive as the early spring days brighten - and judging by the amount of activities offered by guesthouses, country houses and hotels all over the country, more and more of us like to spend time doing something definite while we're away.
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