Just Ask Resturant of the Month for June - Ristorante Rinuccini

The “Just Ask!” Restaurant of the Month winner for June is Ristorante Rinuccini in Kilkenny

Ristorante Rinuccini - Kilkenny IrelandThe Cavaliere family are from Lazio in Italy and, for over twenty years, they have run the excellent and very popular Italian restaurant, Rinuccini, in the heart of Kilkenny City.

Situated on smart Grand Parade, just below Kilkenny Castle, it’s the first port of call for lovers of Italian food when in Kilkenny, and one of the joys of this place is that the simplest things are done so well – not only is the cooking excellent (try something really basic like their minestrone soup, and you’ll be a fan for life), but owner-chef Antonio Cavaliere makes it clear that his classic Italian cooking is based on the very best Irish produce sourced locally – and he is proud to shout that from the rooftops. Well, from his menus anyway.

Here you will not only find the mandatory (but all too often neglected) Country of Origin statement (in this case “All our beef, chicken, seafood, duckling, lamb and eggs are 100% certified Irish’), but you’ll discover that Antonio sources all seafood from Co Wexford, with the majority sourced in Kilmore Quay directly from the fishermen or small producers.

“Dealing closely with these producers guarantees seafood of the highest quality,” explains Antonio, “And collecting the majority ourselves guarantees unrivalled freshness at all times.”

Fruit vegetables and potatoes don’t have far to travel either, as they come from Joe Purcell, a small farmer just 5km always in Dunmore, Co Kilkenny – and, in addition to the soda bread baked daily in the restaurant, their white bread (traditional Irish Turnover) is produced by a small artisan baker, Billy Keogh, in Callan, Co. Kilkenny using traditional methods and ingredients.

Naturally enough, such a chef is proud to include the superb local Lavistown cheese, made in Stoneyford, Co Kilkenny, on the cheese plate - and they also stock Ballylarkin Liqueur, produced and bottled in Freshford, Co. Kilkenny.

There’s also a detailed list of suppliers - and a note to assure customers that “all our Wines and Italian products are imported directly from selected vineyards and quality Artisan producers in Italy.”

Now, doesn’t this just make you want to rush down to Kilkenny and sample a taste of the area? Why not take a look at the menus below, and decide what you’d like to order…



Glass of Prosecco €5.95
Kir Royal €6.95
Campari and Soda €6.75

Wine by the Glass

Trebbiano (white) Large €6.95 Reg €4.95
Montepulciano di Abruzzo Large €6.95 Reg €4.95

White Wine of the Month €27.95 Red Wine of the Month €28.95

Selected Rinuccini dishes for your freezer

Homemade Lasagne ~ 6 portion tray €30.00
Homemade Multi Grain Wholemeal Brown Bread €4.25
Homemade Chicken Liver Pate 150gm €4.95

Up to 20% discount available on Selected Take Away Wines

Bord Bia ~ Just Ask

Ristorante Rinuccini is a family run business committed to delivering fresh local and Irish produce whenever possible. The sourcing and quality of our produce is of utmost importance to us and has been one of the key factors in our success over the past 21 years. Being from Lazio, Italy, and owning and running an Italian restaurant, I strive to produce classic Italian cuisine using the very best Irish and local ingredients and because of this I am a member of Good Food Ireland. All our Wines and Italian products are imported directly from selected vineyards and quality Artisan producers in Italy.

Chef Antonio Cavaliere

Vegetables & Potatoes ~ Purcell’s Farm, Dunmore, Co. Kilkenny
Cheese ~ Knocdrinna Farmhouse Cheese, Stoneyford, Co. Kilkenny
Beef ~Dawn Meats, Carroll’s Cross. Co. Waterford
Crab Meat & Claws ~ Mrs. Bates, Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford
Lobster ~ Robert Murphy, Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford
Prawns, Sole & Catch of the day ~ O’Flaherty Bros. Boats,
Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford
Mussels ~ Atlantis Seafood, Co. Wexford
Duckling ~ Silver Hill Foods, Co. Monaghan
Poultry ~ O’Connor’s, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo
Ballylarkin Liqueur ~ Freshford, Co. Kilkenny


Why not try a glass of chilled sparkling Prosecco to start €5.95

Bowl of Italian Olives €4.95 (G) (V)

Zuppa della Sera €4.95 (G) (V)
Homemade soups of the evening, made with fresh market vegetables of the day.

Bruschetta Mozzarella €7.95 (V)
Garlic Ciabatta, topped with chopped tomato and Mozzarella & baked in the oven

Insalata con Granchio €9.95 (G)
Mixed leaf salad, with fresh Kilmore Quay Crabmeat, black olives, drizzled with an extra virgin olive oil & red wine vinegar dressing

Pate Dello Chef €8.95
Homemade Irish chicken liver pate, garnished with mixed leaves & hot garlic Ciabatta

Tortelloni al Gorgonzola €9.95 (V)
Fresh Pasta, stuffed with Ricotta and Spinach, served in a cream & Gorgonzola cheese sauce

Antipasto Rinuccini €9.95 (G)
Wafer thin slices of Parma ham, salami, lonza, char grilled aubergines, roasted red peppers, artichoke, olives and hot garlic Ciabatta

Zampette di Granchio €11.95 (G)
Fresh Kilmore Quay Crab Claws, tossed on the pan in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, white wine and a pinch of fresh chilli

(V) Suitable for Vegetarians
(G) Available gluten-free. Please make known to your waiter

Service Charge ~ At Customers Discretion


Linguine Osterio Magno €17.95
Ribbons of Pasta in a Bolognese sauce with Mushrooms, Pancetta & fresh cream

Pennette con Pollo e Panna €18.95
Tubes of Pasta, in a Cream Sauce, with strips of Irish Chicken, Fresh Basil and freshly grated Parmesan Cheese

Tortelloni al Pomodoro €18.95 (V)
Fresh Pasta, stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta Cheese, served in a fresh Tomato sauce with Garlic & fresh Basil

Tortelloni al Gorgonzola €18.95 (V)
Fresh Pasta, stuffed with Ricotta and Spinach, served in a cream & Gorgonzola sauce

Spaghettini con Granchio €19.95
Spaghettini, tossed on the pan with Fresh Kilmore Quay Crab Meat,
chopped tomato, garlic, extra virgin olive oil & a pinch of chilli

Catch of the Day €19.95 (G)
Fresh from the boats at Kilmore Quay

Pollo alla Pizziola €19.95 (G)
Fillet of Irish Chicken, served in a Fresh Tomato Sauce, with Garlic, Oregano, and Red Wine.

Pollo ai Funghi €19.95 (G)
Fillet of Irish Chicken, in a Cream Sauce, with Forest Mushrooms, Pancetta, White Wine and fresh Basil

Cotoletta di Maiale al Marsala €22.95(G)
Loin of Irish Pork, seared on the pan, finished in a fresh lemon, rosemary, garlic and Marsala Wine sauce

Fillet di Manzo €26.95 (G)
Seared Fillet of Irish Beef, served in a creamy pepper sauce and dressed with forest mushroom

All main courses, excluding Pasta, served with fresh locally grown vegetables and potatoes

(G) Available gluten-free, please make known to your waiter

Service Charge ~ At Customers Discretion

Tonight’s Specials

Anitra con Sapore di Arancio €24.95 (G)
Award winning Silver Hill Irish Duckling, oven baked in a fresh orange juice and Aurum Liquor sauce until crisp

Capesante San Giacomo €24.95 (G)
Seared Fresh Kilmore Quay Scallops, dressed with garlic white wine lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

Gamberoni Rinuccini €26.95 (G)
Fresh Kilmore Quay Prawns, served out of their shells, in a cream sauce
with a touch of Dijon mustard and brandy.

Sogliola alla Grilglia €29.95 (G)
Grilled Fresh Kilmore Quay Black Sole, served with a wedge of lemon and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
All fresh fish is subject to market availability
All main courses, excluding Pasta, served with fresh locally grown vegetables and potatoes.

Side Orders

Broccoli alla Parmigana €3.95 (V)
Deep fried broccoli, in an egg and Parmesan cheese batter

Fresh Pasta of the Evening €3.95 (V)

Bruschetta all’ Aglio €3.95 (V)
Homemade Ciabatta Bread, Baked in the Oven with Olive Oil & Garlic

Insalata Mista €4.95 (G) (V)
Italian Side Salad

Dolce della Sera €7.95 (V)
Homemade Desserts of the Evening

Formaggio €7.95 (V)
Selection of Local Knockdrinna and Italian Cheeses

Caffe, Espresso and Cappuccino €2.50

(G) Available gluten-free. Please make known to your waiter

Service Charge ~ At Customers Discretion



Just Ask!” is a public awareness campaign that aims to encourage consumers when eating out to look for information on where the food (particularly meat) on their plate comes from, and encourages chefs to provide this information on their menus. The programme supports both large and smaller artisan suppliers, encouraging both Irish diners and visitors from abroad to support restaurants that are in turn supporting their suppliers.

Here at Georgina Campbell Guides we have always been avid supporters of the ‘eat local’ concept, and we always enjoy reading menus that have a real sense of place. The dining experience is greatly enriched by knowing that the food on your plate is inspired by the produce and traditions of the area, and sourced nearby – and we would love to see more chefs sharing that precious information with their guests. 

If you are a visitor to the area, learning a little about local food and the people who produce it adds a special extra dimension to the visit – and, for residents, it reinforces a natural pride in the good things of their locality and makes a meal all the more enjoyable.

So, we are delighted by the high standard of menus that continue to be submitted for our ' “Just Ask!” Restaurant of the Month Competition', menus that really speak of the best of Irish foods – and the dedication of both the people who make them, and the chefs who select them to create wonderful dishes with real Irish flavour for our enjoyment.

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