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An Illustrated History of the Phoenix Park, Landscape and Management to 1880
Author: Rachel Gaffney
The famous foodie who’s flying the tricolour for us in Texas is looking for people with particular interests - drivers, guides and authors, who can introduce American visitors to people in Ireland who share their interests

Comber Earlies
Author: Georgina Campbell
There’s nothing quite like the first early potatoes to remind us that summer is just around the corner. Everybody loves them and in Ireland we’re especially fortunate to have a unique growing area in County Down, with the ideal soil and its own microclimate providing the perfect growing conditions for this early season treat.

Castlefarm Cattle
Author: Jenny Young
At Castlefarm the breeding season has begun. This month we begin 6 weeks of intensive AI before the Angus bull arrives to join the herd.

Author: Michael Kelly
Early this month I will be sowing my parsnips outside in the veg patch. Unlike carrots, they are relatively easy to grow (once you have persuaded them to germinate), and since they store well in the soil over the winter they are a valuable winter storage crop.

The Mill Restaurant
Author: Just Ask
An 'open secret' hideaway destination that has attracted discerning visitors to the glorious north-west of Donegal for many years, the Alcorn family's beautifully located restaurant with rooms is just outside Dunfanaghy on the shore of the New Lake, which is a special area of conservation.

Fish & Chips
Author: Georgina Campbell
Craft drinks production is growing at such a dizzying speed that it seems that every place in Ireland now has at least one local speciality beer or cider to its name - and perhaps a gin, whiskey, vodka or poitín too.

Ross Golden Bannon
Author: News
On the warpath once again in the fight for better food, Seanad candidate and food writer Ross Golden-Bannon explores the tricks that the processed food sector gets up to, to make additives sound "as homely as godmother from Wanderly Wagon"!

Galway Bid Team
Author: Anne Marie Carroll
"European Region of Gastronomy certainly sounds impressive," says Anne Marie Carroll, following Galway's success in winning the European Region of Gastronomy designation - "but what exactly is it?"

Walled City Brewery
Author: Kristin Jensen
KRISTIN JENSEN, co-author of Slainte! The complete Guide To Irish Craft Beers and Ciders - introduces us to Walled City Brewery Boom Derry Pale Ale

Ralph Haslam - Mossfield Organic Milk
Author: Georgina Campbell
To many it's just a commodity, a bland white liquid with no character and no season, to be used without thought all year with breakfast cereals and tea - and the growing prevalence of industrial farming methods is reinforcing that impression. But all milks are not created equal.

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