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Bushmills Whiskey
Author: Georgina Campbell
Marking the third month of Northern Ireland's Year of Food and Drink 2016, we salute one of the region's most iconic brands, Bushmills Whiskey - a product that seems to sit happily in almost any month of the celebratory calendar, being equally at home with February’s ‘Love Local’ theme, the ‘Heritage and Traditions' focus for March - or of course 'Brewing & Distilling' which follows in April.

Seville Orange Tart
Author: Georgina Campbell
County Mayo has become a favourite destination for food lovers from all over the country thanks to people like the McMahon family of the hugely popular Café Rua on New Antrim Street in Castlebar (established in 1995 by Ann McMahon) and its younger sister Rua café, deli and bakery on Spencer Street, which opened in 2007 and is now run by Ann's children, Aran and Colleen.

Ethiopian Farming
Author: Jenny Young
What it means to be an organic farmer in Ireland today … Jenny Young writes about life and work on an organic mixed farm in Co Kildare - and selling its produce. This month Jenny gives us food for thought by comparing subsistence agriculture in Ethiopia with their own high tech Irish farm.

Darina Allen
Author: Darina Allen
Once more on the war path to get us to take back control of what we eat, Darina recalls George Orwell’s prophetic words in 'The Road to Wigan Pier' (1937), "... we may find in the long run that tinned /processed food is a deadlier weapon than the machine gun".

Sash Restaurant - Blue Table
Author: Just Ask
There's been a new confidence about Limerick city since it was chosen as City of Culture in 2014 and first time visitors are invariably wowed by the elegance of its 'Georgian Quarter' - especially its most famous Georgian square, where this chic boutique hotel occupies a large site overlooking the leafy Peoples Park

Martin Dwyer
Author: Martin Dwyer
The French entertain in a different way than us. They do have Dinner Parties as the Irish do from time to time, but much more often they just ask people around for an “Apero”- always called this it is actually short for an Aperitif, that ritual drink the French have to herald in the evening before starting dinner

Ross Thompson - Punjana Tea
Author: Georgina Campbell
Ask anyone in Northern Ireland about Punjana Tea and you’ll be in no doubt that you’ve touched on something central to the culture - even people who never drink tea (and there aren’t too many of those) will probably break into the famous jingle that goes back decades and crosses several generation gaps.

GIY Seed Pots
Author: Michael Kelly
And so it begins. Another season starts with the determined act of seed sowing in the potting shed. A bag of compost opened and tipped out on the sowing bench. Cold black plastic pots filled with even colder blacker compost. Seed labels lined up awaiting a scrawl of information. Seed packets fished out from my big box of tricks and ripped open to reveal their bounty. It's just tomatoes, aubergines and peppers today so five tiny little seeds are placed gently on the surface of each pot (one for each variety I will sow and 17 pots in all).

Clever Man Ejector Seat Turf Smoked Stout
Author: Kristin Jensen
Founded by Malcolm and Andrea Molloy, Drew Fox Brewing is Wexford's newest Irish craft brewery. Malcolm, a Dublin native, lived in the US for many years and met his Texan wife Andrea in Chicago. Malcolm and Andrea own a pub in Chicago called The Grafton Pub & Grill, so it's not surprising that when they moved back to Ireland in 2010, the burgeoning craft beer industry here piqued their interest.

David Bodas - Restaurant Gigis
Author: Anne Marie Carroll
West of Ireland food writer Anne Marie Carroll reveals something surprising on the menu at the G Hotel. When the debate began early last year on the government's plans for the introduction of a mandatory calorie count on menus, it's fair to say, not everyone was happy about it.
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