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Kimchi Veg
Author: Michael Kelly
We have a pretty fixed view of what makes up the human body – cells, blood, tissues, bone and so on. But, did you know that inside your gut you carry around a whopping 2kg of microbes, which consists of over 1,000 different species of bacteria that outnumber our cells 10 to 1?

Food & Drink in Ireland
Author: Georgina Campbell
An unusual crop of food and drink books has landed on my desk this autumn - less of the bumper cookbooks from TV shows and celebrity chefs, more of the reflective and genuinely interesting books that are a pleasure to read and add to our knowledge, often by reintroducing us to forgotten foods or lost techniques…Perfect gift material for the discerning food lover in your life, in fact - which may well be yourself.

Kristin Jensen
Author: Kristin Jensen
KRISTIN JENSEN - co-author of Slainte! The complete Guide To Irish Craft Beers and Ciders - introduces us to Northbound Brewery 26 Pale Ale

Jenny Young in CastleFarm Shop
Author: Jenny Young
What it means to be an organic farmer in Ireland today … Jenny Young writes about life and work on an organic mixed farm in Co Kildare - and selling its produce

View from Le Presbytere
Author: Martin Dwyer
This month: Martin continues his reflections on Finding Le Presbytere: Once we had decided that we wanted to settle in the Languedoc we headed back to that area as soon as Sile got her school holidays in 2006. By that time we had a check list of what we needed for our new venture.

Margaret & Laura Bowe
Author: Georgina Campbell
A fine regency house set in 40 acres of immaculately maintained gardens and woodland, Marlfield House Hotel was established by Ray and Mary Bowe in 1978 and has long been a byword for luxury, genuine hospitality and fine food - a place where everything is sure to be right for that special occasion.

Edward Hayden’s Whole Roasted Chicken with Sausage Meat Stuffing, Glazed Winter Vegetables
Author: Georgina Campbell
"Cooking, Cocktails and Comedy" is the promise at Savour Kilkenny 2016: in celebration of a decade of 'delicious dining and demos' this year's Festival of Food takes place over the October bank holiday weekend (October 28th-31st), and it's the biggest yet.

Jillian Bolger
Author: Jillian Bolger
On the BBC’s Room 101, host Frank Skinner invites three guests each week to nominate their pet hates, things they’d most like to see banished to Room 101 forever. The chosen items usually range from the mundane to the obscure, but are all things that drive their nominator crazy.

Failte Ireland Food Champs
Author: Anthony O'Toole
In the first of a new monthly column, Failte Ireland Food Champion Anthony O'Toole explains what it’s all about - and says, "We can and we will put our little green land on the world map for food and tourism."

Wine Making Equipment
Author: Hans Wieland
I still remember that Easter Day 1985 when we looked at that cottage in the wilds of Leitrim, near Manorhamilton, climbed through the window and stood in a damp, deserted living room full of books. The one that fell into my hand was "First Steps in Winemaking" by C.J.J.Berry. (What a name!) The rest is history as they say.
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