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Gerard Collier
Author: Marilyn Bright
This month Marilyn Bright talks to Gerard Collier, recently named BIM Young Fishmonger for 2015. Gerard works every day within sight and sound of the sea at Clogherhead's picturesque Port Oriel. Always drawn to the busy comings and goings of the fishing boats, he remembers cycling down to the harbour as a schoolboy, cadging jobs mending nets or tailing prawns.

Rich & Hearty Potato Stew
Author: Georgina Campbell
What could be more comforting in the cold, dark days of late winter than hearty dishes based on the nation’s favourite vegetable, the spud. Or any dish with a lovely big, steaming baked potato on the side? Okay, strictly speaking it’s a tuber rather than a vegetable, but we all think of it and cook it like a vegetable.

Kilmore Quay Seafood Sausages
Author: Georgina Campbell
What better food could there be to begin a new year than a comforting and healthy sausage. While sausages are an all-year food, they’re especially appealing in the early months when the weather can be harsh and comfort food is the order of the day, along with simple cooking and pocket-friendly prices. Add to that the feel-good factor of serving up a different kind of sausage, made with fresh fish, and you have a winner on your hands.

Castlemine Farm Shop, Kinvara Smoked Salmon and The Friendly Farmer
Author: Barbara Collins
Barbara Collins on the groundbreaking collaboration between three complementary artisan food producers in the West of Ireland

Pink Flamingo Gin
Author: Dee Laffan
The rumour mill has been in overdrive for the past month that Highbank Farm & Organic Orchards, Co. Killkenny will be distilling a gin in early 2015. The good news is that the highly-aniticipated organic craft gin is being distilled as you read this and will be on the market next month.

Darina Allen
Author: Darina Allen
Darina says there are worse things to be addicted to than her new pedometer - and her other health resolutions this year include cutting the sugar content in Ballymaloe Cookery School recipes, and adjusting the balance of vegetable to meat consumption

Kinnegar Brewing Company
Author: Kristin Jensen
KRISTIN JENSEN - co-author of Slainte! The complete Guide To Irish Craft Beers and Ciders - introduces us to Kinnegar Yannaroddy Porter, from County Donegal

Sticky Ginger Bread Cake with Lemon Drizzle
Author: Eunice Power
January has come around rather quickly, the month in which I am always full of good intentions regarding my diet and lifestyle – an annual necessity after a hectic Christmas. However, my body isn’t as fit as my mind, it’s telling me it needs a break, that it is craving warm, healing, nourishing food. And while I’m in listening mode, “What else are you saying, dear body?” – Oh yes, you want ginger!

Martin Dwyer - Baking
Author: Martin Dwyer
How to move to France - this being the time for resolutions and fresh starts, Martin shares some practical advice with the many who want to live this particular dream...

Author: Georgina Campbell
A member of the brassica (cabbage) family dating back to the 16th century or earlier, cauliflower is one of our healthiest and most versatile vegetables. With its white curdy head surrounded by a collar of green leaves, it is a lovely plant when freshly picked, yet it is widely undervalued - and that despite the fact that its image in some quarters has had an unexpected boost thanks to its rise to stardom in top restaurant kitchens of late.

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